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Neighbors Growing Together | Jul 20, 2018

Crowds flock to newly opened A&W for famous burgers, root beer

Jul 20, 2017
Photo by: Karyn Spory A&W has been busy from opening to close every day since it opened on Monday, July 10. The restaurant is located at 2120 East Washington Street, in Mt. Pleasant.

By Karyn Spory, Mt. Pleasant News


For most places, the lunchtime rush would have died down this late in the afternoon, but that’s not the case for the newly opened A&W restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. Instead people are still arriving by the carload to grab a burger and frosted mug of the home brewed root beer.

“We felt like this would draw more traffic in,” explained owner Laurie Cobb of why she decided to fill the recently vacated Quiznos with an A&W.

And she was right. Since opening last week the parking lot has been full.

“The community response has been very, very good,” she said. “We’ve been incredibly busy and I’m thrilled the community is supporting us. I wish we had more parking.”

In fact, Cobb had planned to grab lunch at her new establishment, but when she couldn’t find a parking spot, decided she’s have to order her chicken strips later.

“I think it will work itself out,” she said of the parking situation. “When something is new everyone wants to try it right away and I think it will calm down and be a more regular steady flow instead of being bombarded all at once.”

Even as Cobb is speaking about restaurant’s traffic, cars can be seen cruising the parking lot just trying to find an open spot.

A&W wasn’t the immediate choice to replace Quiznos, said Cobb. The businesswoman did her homework and researched many different dining options before settling on the burger chain.

“It all boiled down to who I thought would make the best partner and have the best offering for the consumer,” she said.

It was A&W’s long standing history — the restaurant chain first opened in 1919 — and quality food that put A&W over the top for Cobb.

“We thought it would be something that people would be able to relate to from their past. It’s quality food and the fresh made root beer is a real draw. We just thought it would be a nice fit,” she said.

As for Cobb, her favorite menu items are the chicken strips and cheese curds. Manager Christine Malcom said the burgers are a big seller and of course everyone wants a mug of the homemade root beer.

Malcom said the past week and a half has been crazy, but fun. “We’re starting to get more comfortable and settled in. We really appreciate the customers and their patients as we’re all new to this. They help us get better and they keep coming back, which is nice,” she says with a laugh.

A&W employees 19 people, most of them being teenagers, according to Malcom. “We have a top-notch team. They’re one of the best I’ve worked with.”

Cobb agreed and recalled the praise the team had received from the corporate trainers. “We had A&W trainers from Kentucky come down and they said we have a great staff.”

A&W is located at 2120 East Washington Street, next to the Mt. P BP, also owned by Cobb Oil. The restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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