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Young lemonade entrepreneurs evoke memories of yesteryear

By BROOKS TAYLOR, Mt. Pleasant News | Aug 19, 2010
MPN Photo by Brooks Taylor These five young entrepreneurs were selling lemonade for the fourth consecutive year on the 400 block of W. Washington St. Aug. 18. All five are the grandchildren of Dennis and Alice Fitzpatrick. The crew include, from left, front, Alexa Dingman, 5, and Nathan McWilliams, 6; back, Emily Dingman, 10, Brady McWilliams, 12, and Abigail Dingman, 8. The Dingmans are from West Point, the McWilliams children are from Mt. Pleasant.

Remember those days bygone when we, as youngsters, played businessmen and women?

We would go into the garage on a hot, sunny day, dust off an old card table and a few chairs and drag the furnishings into the driveway. Then we would have mom make a pitcher of lemonade, draw a couple of signs and set up shop. Sometimes, it was at a suggestion from the parents, other times it was our own doing, hoping to score a buck or two to buy some candy. That was about all we could hope to raise since we sold a brimming cup of beverage for a nickel.

Times have changed, or have they?

There are still young entrepreneurs, but the price (like the price of everything else) has risen.

Five grandchildren of Dennis and Alice Fitzpatrick set up shop Aug. 18 in front of grandma’s house on E. Washington St., a prime location to hawk lemonade. And the temperature cooperated as sun, a spike in the humidity and temperature made a glass of lemonade sound refreshing.

For more on this story, see the August 20 issue of the Mt. Pleasant News.

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