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Petition asks that city logo be restored to ‘Iris City’

By STEPH TAHTINEN, Mt. Pleasant News | Feb 07, 2011

Eighteen people attended the Mt. Pleasant City Council Public Improvements Committee meeting Monday night to weigh in on the issue of changing the city’s logo back to the Iris City.

Mayor Steve Brimhall commented that the committee received a lot more comments than it had expected to, which he said was a positive thing.

“It shows people are passionate about Mt. Pleasant,” said Brimhall.

The discussion was prompted by a petition received from the Mt. Pleasant Women’s Club, who wish to change the logo and slogan from the current Heritage City at the Crossroads logo back to the Iris City logo which the city held for more than 50 years and influenced the names of many businesses within the community.

“I do think that the Iris City was the coined name for this city for 50 years. I think that heritage is important,” said Lillian Curtis, who was president of the Mt. Pleasant Women’s Club when it voted to pass the petition. “I feel it’s important to have a logo that people can recognize and identify with.”

Curtis mentioned that when the club was gathering signatures, it asked several business owners what the city’s logo was. She reported that businesses either did not know or replied that it was the Iris City.

John Freeland, former mayor of Mt. Pleasant, explained the reasoning behind the change to the Heritage City at the Crossroads logo, which occurred during his time as mayor.

“It encompasses everything concerning Mt. Pleasant,” said Freeland, referencing the historical aspects of the city such as Harlan House, Old Threshers and the rich Civil War history of the city. He said that the Heritage City logo as a marketing technique to promote the city and promote tourism to the area.

Freeland referenced the city of Pella being represented through tulips, which he said was different than using the iris to represent Mt. Pleasant.

“What they were promoting was their Dutch heritage. They weren’t promoting the tulip. They were promoting their heritage,” he said.

Others who commented at the meeting were in support of maintaining the heritage logo, yet finding some other way to incorporate the iris.

“I feel strongly about the heritage,” said Martha Hayes, head of the historical preservation commission, “but I am concerned we are doing away with the iris. Is there a way we could combine them?”

Barbara Welander suggested the option of adopting the iris as the city’s official flower and maybe bringing back some of the iris flower beds that used to be around the city. She also was in favor of maintaining the heritage logo.

“The iris really only describes a flower, and not the legacy of our town,” said Welander.

Kiley Miller, executive vice president of the Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance, stated that the chamber has no position on which logo should be used, but rather that the logo should be emphasized throughout the city.

“There needs to be a holistic approach to presenting the city,” said Miller. “It needs to be done with full heart and full commitment so it resonates throughout town and you see the slogan and logo everywhere you turn.”

After hearing all the comments, the committee stated that it would need time to discuss and receive more input before coming to a decision.

Those with ideas or comments on the logo issue can send their concerns to City Administrator Brent Schleisman at

The matter eventually will come before the Mt. Pleasant City Council for final action.

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