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Concerned citizens voice opinions on weight limits on county roads

By LYDIA BAKER-CRAWLEY, Mt. Pleasant News | Feb 27, 2011
Representatives of the farming, trucking and utilities industries attended the final Henry County supervisors’ public hearing on county road embargoes Thursday night in the courtroom of the Henry County Courthouse. Shown is a portion of the crowd. – MPN Photo by Lydia Baker-Crawley

Over 38 members of the Henry County community gathered in the third floor courtroom at the Henry County Courthouse on Thursday evening to air their concerns over a proposed road embargo.

“The solution is going to come from this room,” Henry County Engineer Bill Belzer said.

Representatives of the farming, trucking and utilities industries were present at the meeting.

“Obviously we have to have access to those roads to conduct business,” Bob Swindell of Access Energy Cooperative said.

Swindell voiced concern that the embargo would negatively impact his company’s ability to access customers, especially those in energy emergencies.

“What we’re trying not to do is stop business,” Belzer said. “We’re trying to minimize damage to the roads.”

“My analysis of what you are proposing is leaving the lights off because it costs me money to go back out and turn them on,” Swindell said. “And I don’t think that is going to work for anyone. I don’t thing that curbing our activities will work for us or work for you either.”

Belzer said that utility companies would still have emergency access.

“Obviously if there is an emergency, there’s an emergency,” Belzer said. “We’ve made an option to call the office and leave a message to say, ‘I have an emergency.’ We will get it out there if there is an emergency. We’ve done it before.”

Belzer outlined that the embargo was one of two options that county had to ensure saturated gravel roads would hold up during a wet spring.

“We’re trying to find a better way that works for everybody,” Belzer said.

For more on this story, see the Feb. 28 issue of the Mt. Pleasant News.

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