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Neighbors Growing Together | Aug 19, 2018

A magical time of the year

By Bill Gray


Mt. Pleasant News

Ah, new May flowers are magically inside downtown flower boxes. I understand a group of Master Gardeners had something to do with this, but spring is such a magical time that I can’t help but think that at least they used magic wands instead of trowels!


Here’s hoping the magic is there for our boys and girls in Des Moines for the state track meet. We have an outstanding group from New London, Winfield-Mt. Union, WACO and Mt. Pleasant, and some medals ought to make their way back to Henry County if there’s any justice in our magic – or should it be vice versa?


Des Moines could use a little magic to resolve the standoff, clean up the quagmire, end the haggling, whatever you want to call the sausage-making we don’t want to watch that is the State Legislature in action. Unfortunately, Iowa state politics are following the national trend toward partisanship over all else.

What happened to the time when lawmakers thought about what was best for the state’s residents before they thought about whether they were voting the party line?


What would Donald Trump do – fire them all? Gosh, The Donald’s only a memory in the Presidential race before he had a chance to visit Iowa, and the entertainment value of the caucus season has hit the skids for sure.

How much fun would a Donald Trump visit to Mt. Pleasant be? I somehow can’t picture him eating pie at Jerry’s Restaurant. He’d probably bring his own pastry chef.


Even without Trump, it should be at least a bit entertaining come caucus campaign time. Maybe he’ll be campaigning for someone else as a “guest speaker.” Maybe he’ll bring Meat Loaf. (It’s apparently been too long since breakfast for me – I’m stuck on a food theme.)


Then there is the dynamic duo of the GOP’s feminine side: Michelle Bachmann and Sara Palin. Each of them has had some mighty stirring words to say, and could make the rafters rattle at the Heatilator Centre.

But one thing bothers me about those two. I’ve never seen them speak or even be in the same place at the same time. They are both attractive brunettes who live up North. Both seem to have a tenuous touch with reality. Hmmm. That makes me think about magic again.


But the magic of Iowa caucuses can’t compare to the magic of an Iowa spring. Somehow, this one seems shorter than most, since Mr. Winter didn’t seem to know when he no longer was wanted. That and untimely rains made it too exciting for our corn planting, but judging from those nice, neat green rows that have shown up in the past few days, the crop could be making up for any lost time.


Yep, Nature’s magic is much prettier and more fun and a whole barrel of crazy caucus candidates.