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A prayer for Jesus, St. Paul

By GEORGE LAMORE | Apr 26, 2013

O though holy and patient God, of all the things preachers thank you for repetitious Sunday after repetitious Sunday after repetitious Sunday, we thank You above all for sending us that glorious pair, Jesus and the one Protestants hold as their patron saint, St. Paul. It really had to be You that did that, didn’t it?

What a breathtaking succession of giants: for without Jesus we would know so little of you, and without Paul we would know little of Jesus. Sure, we might know something of his words and doings, but it was Paul who opened our eyes to what You were up to over our heads.

Men scorned Jesus, calling Him hypocrite, faker and troublemaker, but it was Paul who put us wise to the only begotten Son of the Father, who saves us not only from sin but death itself.

How was it Paul put it?

“The God who caused light to shine out of darkness has shone in our hearts, revealing the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” — II Corinthians 4:6.

Phew! Such words have to be the Holy Spirit speaking, for what mere mortal could so encapsulate the whole of the New Testament in a single phrase that way?

Best of all, we possess the very book that contains these words. Our part? Just pick it up.


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