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Sep 21, 2017

By Karyn Spory, Mt. Pleasant News


ROME — When Josh Sparrow says Decra steel shingles hold up, he’s not kidding.

The Winfield based contractor recently met with The News to discuss the latest trend in home roofs — metal shingles — and said the Decra steel shingle panels are top notch.

Sparrow said he noticed clients making the switch from asphalt shingles to metal in the late 2000s. The popular asphalt shingles at the time had an issue with curling up, and for homeowners that meant a headache of a claim process with their insurance companies. “(Homeowners) were frustrated with the way the claim process was going along with certain companies. Then they were worried they’d have to go through the same process again so they started looking for other options.”

That led many homeowners to metal roofs and steel shingles. Sparrow said his most requested metal roof is the Decra steel shingle panels. “They look like architectural shingles,” he said, “so you end up with the appeal of the asphalt shingles, but the benefits of the metal roof.”

The other two types of metal roofing are standing seam metal roofs, which have concealed fasteners and barn steel roofing. The barn steel roofing is also very popular, but has exposed fasteners.

“We’ve done just about everything as far as the three types, but we do quite a bit of the Decra and we’ve had really good luck with them,” said Sparrow.

The year before the tornado hit Wayland, Sparrow and his crew put a Decra roof on Tim and Kim Egely’s home. “They took a direct hit from the tornado and they didn’t lose a single shingle other than where the tree had fallen and hit the house,” he recalled. “The neighbors behind them had asphalt shingles and they had nothing but nails left on their house; it sucked all the shingles off their roof. That was a true testimony for the shingle itself.”

Although Decra is in high demand, he knows each home and homeowner is different. “It’s a process,” he said. “(Homeowners) have an idea of what they’d like and we present them with options.”

Sparrow sits down with homeowners and asks what they want out of their home. Then they talk about each of the three different metal options as well as asphalt. “As I tell them, you have to look at it as an investment,” he said. “Nobody enjoys putting a roof on their house. If you can do it one time, everybody feels much better about it.”

One thing to think about before putting a metal roof on a home, Sparrow says, is how it will hold up in a mild hailstorm. “The only downfall to the barn steel and standing seam is if you do have a hailstorm come through, it’s going to look like somebody shot golf balls at your house.”

Sparrow explained that homeowners’ insurance usually only covers penetration from hail, not cosmetic damage like pock marks. “You’re not stuck with it, but it is going to come out of your pocket.”

Decra shingles, however, are stamped and typically don’t show pock marks from hailstorms, according to Sparrow.

In the end, Sparrow says it’s up to the homeowner. What they want their home to look like, and how much they’re willing to invest in the roof over their head.

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