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All about the color

Rose gold and colored stones top list of hot trends for engagement rings this year
Feb 10, 2017
Photo by: Karyn Spory Karl Shaefer shows off some of the most popular engagement rings on the market at Mt. Pleasant’s Beckers Jewelers.


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What are brides-to-be looking for in an engagement ring? A little color, Karl Schaefer, of Beckers Jewelers, says.

“We’re starting to see a lot more people liking the rose gold, and morganite has been kind of a different replacement stone for a diamond,” he said.

Morganite is a hard stone that is a peachy, pink color. “It was discovered by a company working for JP Morgan in southern California, thus morganite,” explained Schaefer. “It’s actually the 2017 colored stone of the year.”

The peachy-pink of the morganite and rose gold bands aren’t where a bride’s desire for color ends. Schaefer says the popularity for colored diamonds is steadily increasing. Blue and chocolate diamonds have become very popular in fashion rings, but when it comes to an engagement ring, colored accent stones are on trend.

Colored stones aren’t for everyone, insists Schaefer. For a couple looking for something a little more timeless, a simple solitaire is always in style.

“One of the biggest things I tell people is if you’re a guy coming in all by yourself and you don’t know exactly what style she likes or what she wants, just get a nice, simple, plain solitaire. And then you can have her pick out the wedding ring itself,” he advises. “Nobody loses in that particular exchange.”

When looking for a ring, Schaefer says quality is key. “If anything, go with a smaller diamond that’s nicer. Anything looks good in a case when it’s brand new, but when you wear it a bit, the oils from your skin get on it, if it’s not as nice of a diamond it will dull up very quickly, whereas a nicely proportioned diamond will stay sparkly,” he said.

Round cut rings are also very popular. “It’s classic; round brilliant is the classic (style) and has always been number one,” Schaefer said, although he is seeing a rise in popularity of cushion cut stones. “They are kind of square and bowed out on the sides. That’s becoming very popular.”

Other popular cuts include princess and halo.

Whether it’s a colored stone or a classic diamond, Schaefer says to remember the five ‘C’s.’


In this particular case, it’s the lack of color shoppers want to look out for as the whiter the stone the better. A stone’s color is classified from D-Z. Stones graded as D, E or F are totally colorless. Stones categorized as G, H, I and Js are what Schaefer call a “nice mid-range stone.” “Once they’re mounted you don’t see any yellow to the naked eye.” Stones graded below J will have a yellow hue to them.


“They have figured out how to exactly proportionally cut a round diamond so it lets the light reflect back at you in the best way possible,” Schaefer excitedly said.

If a diamond is cut perfectly symmetrical, it will show hearts and arrows. Find a diamond that reflects hearts and arrows and is proportionally cut and that’s “an awesome ring.”


“Anything natural has imperfections,” Schaefer remarks. “And diamonds are natural, just like a snowflake or fingerprint.” The trick, he says, is to find a gem that’s flaws are slight and unseen to the naked eye. Diamonds are rated on a scale for their imperfections.

VVS1-VVS2 – These stones are flawless and internally flawless, which is less than two percent of all gem quality diamonds. “Basically you’re cranking up the magnification on a (micro)scope just to find something that is there and stops it from being flawless.

VS1-VS2 – These diamonds have flaws, but they cannot be seen by the naked eye, and even under a 10-power microscope it’s difficult to see the flaws.

SI1-SI2 – Diamonds designated as SI1 or SI2 are what Schaefer calls a “good mid-range” stone. There is nothing visible to the naked eye, but under a microscope the flaws can be seen.

I1, I2 and I3 – Flaws are visible to the naked eye.


Carats are the size or weight of a stone. Diamonds can come in half or ¾ carats, but a one-carat ring is probably the most sold at Beckers. “Of course that’s also the first thing that comes to mind,” he said.


The final C has less to do with the stone than the store. Schaefer says couples want to make sure they go to a jeweler that has someone on site that can take care of any issues. A ring is an investment, and like most investments, they require upkeep. “We suggest every six-months having your ring cleaned,” he said. “We can check (the ring) and alert you of any issues you may have.” Beckers Jewelers rings have a lifetime warranty, which is a nationwide service, so if you’re not in Mt. Pleasant, a ring can still be serviced. Beckers also has a goldsmith on site to take care of any problems one may have with their ring.

In the end, Schaefer says it’s not so much about the ring as the person you’re buying the diamond for.


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