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Area lunch menus

Mar 08, 2013

Note: All meals served with milk.

Mt. Pleasant Community Schools

MONDAY: March 11: Cheeseburger/bun, baby carrots, lettuce, tomato, fruit cocktail, Rice Krispy bar

TUESDAY: March 12: Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, fresh broccoli, wheat roll/jelly (9-12), strawberries

WEDNESDAY: March 13: Chili, tortilla chips, celery, cucumbers, orange wedge, cinnamon roll

THURSDAY: March 14: Baked ham, biscuit/jelly, sweet potatoes, green beans, kiwi

FRIDAY: March 15: Macaroni and cheese, seasoned peas, baby carrots, bread/jelly (9-12), apple wedge

New London Community Schools

MONDAY: March 11: Grilled cheese on goldfish bread, chicken noodle soup, crackers, fruit and veggies

TUESDAY: March 12: Chicken patty/bun, French fries, fruit and veggies

WEDNESDAY: March 13: Stuffed crust pizza, applesauce, treat, fruit and veggies

THURSDAY: March 14: Cheesy chicken and pasta bake, breadstick, cooked broccoli, fruit and veggies

FRIDAY: March 15: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, hot roll, sherbet, fruit and veggies

Winfield-Mt. Union Community Schools


TUESDAY: March 12: Hot ham and cheese/bun, potato wedges, baby carrots, fresh broccoli, fresh grapes, chocolate chip cookie

WEDNESDAY: March 13: Chicken patty/bun, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, oranges

THURSDAY: March 14: Tacos, romaine and tomato, refried beans, black bean and corn salsa (9-12), corn tortilla chips (9-12), sliced pears

FRIDAY: March 15: Cheese or sausage pizza, tossed salad w/romaine, breadstick/marinara, applesauce

WACO Community Schools

MONDAY: March 11: Tenderloin/bun, potato wedges, baby carrots, apricots

TUESDAY: March 12: Grilled chicken, slider, potato salad, grape tomatoes, peaches

WEDNESDAY: March 13: Breaded beef, sweet potato mash, fresh cauliflower, bread slice, cantaloupe

THURSDAY: March 14: Salisbury steak, mashed potato/gravy, green beans, pink applesauce

FRIDAY: March 15: Corn dog, baked beans, coleslaw, grapes

Danville Community Schools

MONDAY: March 11: Pepperoni bosco sticks, pizza sauce, corn, fruit

TUESDAY: March 12: Mandarin orange chicken/rice, green beans, fortune cookie, fruit

WEDNESDAY: March 13: Chicken patty/bun, baked fries, broccoli salad, fruit

THURSDAY: March 14: DHS combo/bun, lettuce cups, sliced tomatoes, pasta salad, fruit

FRIDAY: March 15: Chili or chicken noodle soup, crackers, bear cheese stick, pear half, cinnamon roll

Mt. Pleasant Christian School

MONDAY: March 11: Ravioli, peanut butter sandwich, corn, banana, cookie

TUESDAY: March 12: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, peaches

WEDNESDAY: March 13: Cheeseburger, macaroni and cheese, broccoli/dip, grapes, cake

THURSDAY: March 14: Taco casserole, Spanish rice, corn, pineapple

FRIDAY: March 15: Chicken nuggets, chips, baby carrots/dip, pears, key lime pie

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