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Attempting to find ‘home’

Apr 25, 2014


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Where’s home?

Probably heard that question when you’ve met someone for the first time, correct?

Hmmm, home. The person posing the question probably is referring to a structure, or the community in which the structure where you hang your hat at night is located.

But is that really home?

Home can mean different things to different people.

I prefer the definition — “Home is where the heart is” — given long ago.

Several years ago on Christmas Eve, I was seated in a church in Washington, awaiting the service, when a great sense of contentment encircled me. Now, it could have been just the spirit of the season, but I think it went beyond that.

I have been a member of the aforementioned church for nearly 30 years. However, during 12 years in those three decades, I resided in western Iowa and was an inactive member.

Maybe it is the memories. I had two children confirmed in the church and the other two were baptized there. That in addition to the times I remember attending church as a family fosters a lot of memories — not all of them good — but memories nonetheless.

So would I answer the person by saying Washington? I think not.

Newspaper reporters are vagabonds in many respects. We move around a lot. During my nearly four decades in Iowa, I have lived (not to be confused with home) in seven communities. There were five communities in South Dakota and one in Wyoming before that. Lots of “homes.”

Maybe that is why we newspaper people pause to think when asked the question about home. It is difficult for us to give a legitimate answer.

Some of the communities I have lived in felt like “home,” others did not.

I still hearken back to my hometown when thinking of home and seriously considered going back some day to spend my “golden years.” The past winter has me re-thinking that. Iowa winters can be brutal, South Dakota’s are worse. I have heard, however, that South Dakota missed most of the storms this past winter. That means they will be hammered twice as hard next year.

If home is where the heart is, my home is several hundred miles north of here. That is stretching it kind of thin, isn’t it?

Maybe home is more a state of mind than something that can be defined.

Expanding the thought process, home may mean different things to different people. To some, it may be the heart is, to others where they sleep at night and a feeling of peace to others. It is also quite likely that a person can have more than one “home.”

So where is home? For me, I find my true home when I look north. But I also feel at home wherever I am comfortable.

Gosh, I must be doing too many candidate interviews because the last answer sounds like one a candidate would give. A candidate, however, would take much longer and be much more wordy in answering the question.

I swear there must be a school for candidates where they are instructed on how to effectively evade questions by being so wordy and long in their answers that the question is forgotten by the time the candidate is done giving the answer.

Oops, I am digressing. That sounds like a topic for another column…or perhaps not.

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