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Board recognizes Hill for his efforts

Jun 04, 2014


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Stan Hill, who was the chairman of the Pioneer Cemetery Commission since April of 1999, retired this March.

“He was elected as chairman that April and he served faithfully until about a couple months ago,” said Chairman Marc Lindeen during the regular board of supervisors meeting Tuesday morning. “He helped to make us aware of these new cemeteries, many of which I didn’t know even existed. In my mind, you (Hill) created what the importance of these cemeteries is. We thank you for your work.”

Hill, who said he didn’t need to be recognized again, expressed his gratitude to the board of supervisors for what they have done as well as his fellow commission members.

“I thank you for the never-ending support you (supervisors) have given the Pioneer Cemetery Commission,” expressed Hill. “When we gathered in April of 1999 we sat around the table and looked at each other. We blundered around for about a year and tried to figure out what it meant. Finally, we went to work and ever since that Henry County has been lucky to have the good people who have served on this commission.

“It wasn’t me who found all the cemeteries, I’m just a part of it. The good thing is though we had good people to start with and better people keep it going. In my opinion, this is the most active group out there,” said Hill.

According to Hill, it hasn’t always been easy working on the commission. “It’s been a challenge and not everyone thought like we did,” said Hill. “We did get along well though, and we jumped through a lot of hoops negotiating with the people we were working with. We should be proud of where it is today. I appreciate it and once again, I don’t need any more recognition.

“It’s nice to be recognized. It’s nice to know people like these people who are willing to step up and do their job in the community. I appreciate the folks I have worked with for the past 15 years and proud of what everyone has done for us,” said Hill.

Board member Gary See added, “For those of you who weren’t around when it started, I feel the supervisors got too much credit. Carol McCulley pushed this (Pioneer Cemeteries) and guided us into creating this board. This was something that was very near and dear to her and she wouldn’t let us forget that.”

In other board business, Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss gave his weekly update to the board.

“We worked on blading, contract rock hauling, mowing county territories and spraying some areas for noxious weeds,” said Hotchkiss. “We also completed our FEMA project in Lowell, where we had to repair the road top. We worked on signage and did some installing of entrances.”

The engineer also did some asphalt patching near Hillsboro, stabilized some small slides in the area and had the mowers out on the gravel roads working on that.

“The contractor for the Oasis Avenue bridge project has finished the two abutments and is now working on the false work,” said Hotchkiss. “The false work is a temporary structure that is put up in order to pour the deck. Once the deck is done, the false work is taken down.

“I also met with all the landowners for the project on 150th Street and now I’m finalizing my plans. I will be getting that ready for letting here soon. We are really starting to get some stuff done,” said Hotchkiss.

Lindeen then brought up an issue that was raised to the engineer by a county resident concerning the speed limit on 265th Street. The resident wanted to know what the procedure was for putting a speed limit sign up.

The engineer explained that he would need to do a traffic speed study in order to determine what can be done.

“The study will help me to see what is going on and what is happening out there,” said Hotchkiss. “I want to make sure that if we put signs up, they are for the right reason and for what is happening out there.”

The Henry County Board of Supervisors will meet again in regular session on Thursday, June 5, at 9 a.m. in the board room at the courthouse.

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