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Boat owners: Remember to pull the plug or you will pay

Jul 12, 2013


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Boat owners can now be fined for not pulling the plug on their boat when they leave the water.

The purpose behind this new regulation — which went into effect July 1 — is to help prevent invasive plant species from one body of water to another, Henry County Recorder Shirley Wandling explained at the board of supervisors on Thursday morning.

The fine for the second occurrence is $500.

Wandling also asked about having CPR training for courthouse employees, as well as instruction on how to use the AED (automated external defibrillator) that was recently installed in the courthouse.

“It does seem kind of odd that it says on the door we have it and nobody knows where it is or how to use it,” agreed Joe Buffington, planning and zoning director.

Wandling noted that in recent weeks there have been visitors to the courthouse who have been out of breath or had to sit down and have some water.

When the AED was purchased earlier this year, an email was sent out asking if employees were interested in a CPR training. Supervisor Chairman Gary See said he was unsure of what the employee response to that email was.

Emergency Management Coordinator Walt Jackson noted that he is a certified instructor for CPR and the AED.

The secondary road department and sheriff’s department already undergo their own CPR training.

In other updates during Thursday morning’s department head meeting, Jackson said that Wednesday’s meeting with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) went well.

“It sounds pretty positive,” said Jackson. “We should get some funding to help out conservation and secondary roads.”

The meeting, held at the Emergency Management Building, was between representatives from FEMA and Henry, Lee, Louisa and Des Moines counties. Earlier this year, these counties were declared disaster areas due to flooding.

County Auditor Shelly Barber informed the department heads that the state auditors would be at the courthouse next week to work on the county’s audit.

“I have almost everything ready that they wanted,” said Barber, who noted that the state officials may visit individual departments if they need further information.

This is the first year that the state will complete Henry County’s audit. Previously, the county’s audit was completed by TD&T in Mt. Pleasant. However, due to an employee leaving, TD&T will no longer be doing county audits.

The state auditors will be back for a week in either December or January to complete the audit.

Henry County Chief Deputy Tracy Brooks noted that the sheriff’s department has hired three new deputies, is in the process of hiring three jailers and is continuing to work on hiring reserve deputies.

The supervisors also:

• Approved a revised drug and alcohol policy for county employees.

• Approved the recorder’s quarterly report.

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