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City of Mt. Pleasant employees will receive a 2.75 percent salary increase in fiscal 2015

Jun 13, 2014


Mt. Pleasant News

City of Mt. Pleasant employees will receive 2.75 percent pay increases for fiscal 2015.

Mt. Pleasant’s City Council approved the wages Wednesday night and also okayed fiscal 2015 salaries for members of the fire department. The wage increase will be effective July 1 of this year.

Following are the new wage figures for city employees:

Lori D. Davis, secretary/receptionist, $14.46/hour; Tamara L. Detrick, deputy city clerk, $21.64/hour; Florence L. Olomon, city clerk-treasurer, $2,024 bi-weekly; Brent E. Schleisman, city administrator, $3,838.40 bi-weekly; John (Jack) F. Swarm, building and zoning administrator, $1,601.60 bi-weekly;

Raymond A. Aynes, refuse truck driver (up to 25 hours weekly), $13.29/hour; Christopher A. Brown, maintenance worker, $15.50/hour; Benjamin D. Calhoun, maintenance worker, $12.84/hour; Kevin E. Elmore, maintenance worker, $13.36/hour; Daniel W. Koller, maintenance worker, $14.00/hour;

Jim E. Mueller Jr., maintenance worker, $16.82/hour; Rick L. Mullin, director of public works $2,294.40 bi-weekly (plus $25 cellphone allowance monthly that is for the benefit of the city; Jesse J. Schadt, maintenance worker, $14.68 hour; Drew E. Schumacher, assistant director of public works, $20.87/hour (plus $25 cellphone allowance monthly, that is for the benefit for the city; Ronnie D. Archer, chief of police, $2,562.40 bi-weekly;

Carrie A. Cooksey-Alvarez, administrative assistant, $15.93 hour; Lyle T. Murray, police lieutenant, $2,090.40 bi-weekly; Dana J. Kuster, police department janitor, $10.82/hour; Jonathan D. Myers, community service officer, $15.87/hour; Gary A. Grunow, parks and recreation director, $1,768 bi-weekly; Ashley R. Lohmann, recreation supervisor, $1,231.20 bi-weekly (plus $25 cellphone allowance monthly that is for the benefit of the city; Harry E. Hayward, park supervisor, $21.46/hour (plus $25 cell phone allowance that is for the benefit of the city); Marcus L. Mullin, lead park worker, $14.40/hour.

Annual compensation for each of the 21 firemen will be $3,337.76. One captain and one lieutenant will each be paid $3,479.56 annually; the assistant and deputy chief will each receive $3,642.72 annually; and the chief will be paid $4,871.64 annually.



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