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City of Salem plans $40,000 of street work

Aug 03, 2017

By Brooks Taylor, Mt. Pleasant News


SALEM — A number of Salem streets will receive a little TLC, resulting from action by the Salem City Council Tuesday.

The council, during its regular monthly meeting, approved an expenditure of $40,000 to sealcoat city streets. Liberty and Van Buren streets will receive the most attention.

L.L. Pelling, after touring the community with city representatives, proposed $76,264.15 in summer street work.

However, the council thought the expenditure was excessive. Mayor Dan Patterson said the city had $20,000 in the road-use tax account and $55,000 in the local-option sales tax fund, all of which could be used on street work.

Council member Chuck Kramer said he didn’t want to deplete the accounts’ funds for streets.

“I think we should pick and choose. We don’t have to do them all,” Kramer commented. “I would like to get it down to between $35,000 and $40,000. I think we should drive around and see which streets need it the worst. I don’t feel comfortable spending all the money we have.”

Council members agreed and asked Kramer to inspect the streets with L.L. Pelling representatives and set a cap of $40,000 for street work.

In a controversial move, the council took no action on an ATV ordinance. Salem resident John Wagner asked the council several months ago to approve the ordinance and when the council failed to do so, Wagner asked why not.

“What is your problem with the ordinance?” he asked.

Responding, council members said they didn’t feel one was needed. “It (an ordinance) is in opposition to state law,” council member Mary Hoyer claimed.

“It’s too much paperwork,” added Kramer. “It’s not worth the time or money spent. Nobody has any issues with it. I just don’t see having an ordinance that is not needed.”

Another legal matter had the council briefly discussing the city’s two-year-old feud with Dillon Haynes over vehicles on his property. The council considers them a nuisance while Haynes maintains they are part of his business.

During the July council meeting, an attorney representing Haynes appeared before the council, asking the council to drop any possible nuisance action against his client.

The council said it could not do that.

Hoyer said after reviewing the letter from the attorney she felt that there wasn’t anything in the letter that had any legal standing. “I am not opposed to giving him 30 more days, but I think we can do anything we want. The letter from his attorney has no merit whatsoever.”

Bids were let for tree removal at two sites. Maddy Tree Service was the successful bidder among three firms to remove five trees in the city park at a cost of $2,050, narrowly edging Wixom Tree Service, which bid $2,100. All-American Tree Service submitted the third bid with a total cost of $2,950. All-American did receive the nod to remove three trees, damaged by a recent storm, on the nature trail. The company bid $450 for the work, and Maddy also bid on the removal with a cost of $2,350.

Other agenda items had Scott Roen of the Inside Korner updating the council on a “FUNdraiser” Inside Korner has planned for Aug. 19. The event will feature live music and a barbecue. Roen asked the council to block off the north and south side of Cherry Street adjacent to the park for the event which was approved.

Final items saw the council approve a house addition for Elizabeth Franklin.

Steve Nichting, Salem fire chief, said the new rescue truck will arrive next Wednesday. The old truck will be put up for sale.

Council members meet again in regular session Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Building.

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