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City of Winfield will own former VFW building

Feb 20, 2013


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WINFIELD — “We want to make sure for future councils that the way we set it up now, that it’s going to last,” said Rob Quinn, president of the Winfield VFW building corporation, regarding the pending agreement between the corporation and the City of Winfield to turn the Veteran’s Building over to the city.

“When everyone around this table is gone, we want something that is already established and that continues,” agreed Winfield Mayor Chris Finnell.

At the Feb. 11 city council meeting, Quinn informed the city council that the VFW Post and Auxiliary Post had lost their charter and been dissolved.

The building corporation expressed an interest in turning the building over to the city, as long as the city would agree to let the non-profit entities that were using the building at no cost continue to be able to do so.

At the building corporation meeting on Tuesday, the members of the corporation met with Finnell to decide on the future of the building and the building corporation. The members of the corporation decided that instead of dissolving the corporation, it would be in their best interest for the time being to remain as a corporation. One of the main concerns from the members of the corporation would be if there would be taxes on the building when it gets turned over to the city.

“If we have to transfer the corporation’s money into the town’s name, we may get taxed for it,” said corporation member Gary Johnson.

Another part of turning the building over to the city, Finnell expressed interest in having an inventory list of the contents of the building, outlining which items belong to which organization due to several different non-profits using the building.

“It’d be nice to know what kind of inventory there is so that later on if there is any confusion, we know this is the way it was on this day,” said Finnell.

The corporation board also wanted to make sure that after the building is turned over to the city that the awards and memorial plaques are still displayed in the building. Currently, the awards and plaques are displayed spanning across and entire wall inside the building.

“We can make a memorial area,” said Finnell. “I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t do that. I’d be pretty disappointed if anybody were to come in and destroy any accolades belonging to the veterans of this community.”

In turning the building over to the city, the corporation board agreed that it would be in the building’s best interest to change the building’s name. “Because really it’s not going to be a veteran’s building,” said board member Lola Reynolds, pointing out that the building would serve the community of Winfield and that changing the name may make non-veterans feel more welcome to use the building.


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