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City ‘smoking’ sewers to find defects

Smoke safe for residents, but could indicate bigger sewer problem if detected
Jul 31, 2018

The City of Mt. Pleasant is investigating, repairing and replacing parts of the sewer system by blowing “smoke” in the sewer to see where it escapes.

Residents may find this smoke in their house. It is non toxic, won’t stain and doesn’t smell like smoke from a fire, a news release from city states. The smoke is not dangerous. If it does enter a place of residence, open windows and doors, turn on exhaust fans and it should quickly go away.

However, if smoke is found, that is because there is a defect in the plumbing system, which is very dangerous. The hole in a sewer system or the dry trap on a drain or fixture that isn’t used often allows the smoke in and will allow sewer gas to enter the house.

If smoke is found at a place of residence but there is not a fire smoke smell, contact City Hall at 319-385-4180; Public Works at 319-385-1480; or Warner Engineering at 319-385-4180.

If there is a fire smoke smell, call 911. Dispatchers and the Fire Department have been notified of this activity and the city is trying to avoid overloading them with false alarms.

Sewer gas is a sneaky danger, according to the news release. After being in the presence of the gas for a little while, the smell is no longer detectable. It causes headaches, nausea and can even be fatal.

Sewers in the area are going to be periodically smoked where any street and sewer construction or repairs are being done.

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