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Conservation director talks fall hunting season

Sep 21, 2017

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


It might not feel like hunting season just yet but with fall approaching, the time to lace up your hunting boots is right around the corner with the early season just getting underway in mid-September.

Henry County Conservation Director John Pullis met with The News last week to discuss the upcoming fall season, the drop in the number of birds in the area and the absense, so far, of diseases like Chronic Waste Disease.

Last year at this time, hunters were gearing up for a boost in quail and pheasant population after the area got plenty of rain during the summer. The 2017 season, however, might see fewer birds, something that surprised Pullis when he looked at reports.

They’re saying everything is down,” Pullis says, “but I’ve seen more quail this year than in the past.”

Pullis says the number of quail and pheasants he has seen coming into work have been up, but official reports have the bird numbers dropping.

He explained the process in which the birds are counted during the summer. According to Pullis, the birds along the roads are counted a few days during the late summer months and that number is extrapilated out to get the projected population. He speculates, however, that the birds may just not be getting to the roads after a dry summer.

“It (was) a perfect spring, so that’s why I’m surprised the population is down,” Pullis says. “It’s been so dry, there might not have been a heavy enough dew to send those birds to the road this year.”

The good news, Pullis says, is the Deer population is coming back up. Last year saw problems with the deer population as Chronic Waste Disease (CWD) and Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease had taken out a few spots around the country, but he says the dry summer may have prevented that this year.

“I was talking with Dan Henderson this year and I was saying, ‘I’m surprised (EHD) is not back,’” he said. “(It’s like the water has dried up so much that the little ponds where they’d inject that midge are gone, so maybe they have to go to bigger bodies of water that aren’t as stagnent.”

Youth Season and Disabled Hunter Season began in mid-September. The bow hunters will be out on Oct. 1, with Muzzleloader Season and Shotgun season following.

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