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Could the third time be charming?

By Brooks Taylor | Dec 18, 2015

I am getting the feeling I am jinxed when it comes to my youngest daughter. Rarely do I discuss my kids in my column, I kind of compare it to columnists who write a series on their summer vacations. I mean, who really cares?

Iowa Wesleyan University opened its conference season in early December, hosting MacMurray College of Jacksonville, Ill. On the MacMurray women’s roster is listed one Bailee Taylor, a 5-10 sophomore guard/forward. Guess they can’t decide whether she is a guard or a forward as only one other player on the Highlander roster is listed playing multiple positions.

Bailee Taylor happens to be my youngest daughter and despite being a sophomore, she has yet to see action at Ruble Arena, much to my disappointment.

Last year, she was diagnosed with mono two days before the game with Wesleyan. She traveled with the team anyway so we had a chance to talk during the men’s game.

This year, she was rehabbing from more surgery. Again, she made the trip with the team to Mt. Pleasant (she claimed it was the first time she has seen her team play all season) so we could have some bonding time.

She’s had a rough go of it the past two years. A year ago after recovering from mono, she tore her patellar ligament. She had surgery over spring break and was mending when she climbed into a pickup to go somewhere with a friend. She heard a pop as she climbed into the vehicle but thought nothing of it.

Later when it began hurting while she was working out, she discussed it with the college trainer. Scar tissue from her past injury, the trainer said.

The pain continued, scar tissue or no scar tissue. Following the completion of her freshman year, she returned home and made an appointment with the doctor who did the surgery on the ligament.

It was not good news. The pop she heard was the snapping of her patella, or knee cap as it is commonly called. So much for most of her summer plans as they gave way to more surgery, the surgical procedure in three months. It hurts just to think of it.

Her rehab is finished. She received medical clearance Monday to play — just in time for a trip to Dallas, Texas, and Memphis, Tenn., before taking a week off for the holidays.

However, there are no more trips to Mt. Pleasant — at least this year. The next game with Wesleyan is in Jacksonville, Ill. Maybe next year? We will have to wait and see on that one because majoring in nursing with its many clinicals and playing basketball does not make for a good marriage.

Speaking of family, we are zooming ever more quickly to the holiday season.

Christmas is such a special holiday and surely, like me, you have many memories of Christmases past. I would wager to bet that every memory includes family in one regard or another.

How I miss those family gatherings. Mom and dad, grandma and grandpa have been gone for decades and other kin is spread throughout the country, so there aren’t any more family Christmases.

It is unfortunate I didn’t realize how special they were when we did observe Christmas as a family. Unfortunately, back then it was more of a habit than a special occasion. Now, I realize how special it is to have parents and family to celebrate with.

So, as the Christmas countdown continues, please take a moment to realize the beauty of the holiday and spend it, if possible, with those you love. You won’t regret it and you will be building a memory for the future.

To all of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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