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County department heads need to take HIPPA training

Jun 23, 2017

By Brooks Taylor, Mt. Pleasant News


All county department heads need HIPPA training, the county board of supervisors was told Thursday.

Sarah Berndt, county coordinator of disability services/general assistance director, said she was informed of the needed training by Roger Swindell, the county’s contracted HIPPA compliance coordinator.

Swindell will brief department heads on the training during the monthly department head meeting in August.

“This (training) can be done through webinars,” Berndt remarked. “The webinars can be looked at in five-minute increments until completed.”

Supervisor Gary See said he didn’t understand why this training was being recommended.

“You have to have a culture of compliance because if not, you are liable,” Berndt explained. “If you do it, (liability) insurance will cover you.” She also said the department heads needed the training due to affirmative action policies.

Marc Lindeen, chairman of the supervisors, asked what happens if department heads don’t attend the meeting.

“I will have a backup plan,” Berndt promised.

In her monthly report to the supervisors, she also said she is working on evaluations of the (jail) transition link program. As director of the program, Berndt said she sees expansion for the program. “In six months to a year, we will need to expand the program. We need to have a conversation ahead of when we are going to do it because if we don’t, we can’t move forward.”

Continuing with her report, she said the county has used all of its funds for the burials of indigents for the fiscal year.

Berndt also noted there have been a number of false alarms going off in the county-owned building on Jackson Street where she has her office. She said the panic alarm trigger was not coming from her side of the building but from the side occupied by Optimae.

The last time this happened, Berndt said, new batteries were installed in the alarms. She said all the batteries in the alarms will be replaced next month.

See reported on the E911 board of directors this week. The board received a letter, signed by representatives of most of the county fire departments, asking that consideration be given to sending an ambulance to fire calls. No action was taken.

Board members also learned that the 911 text system is nearly ready to implement. The program gives residents the option of texting instead of calling 911. “The advantage is that if 911 must be called and the person cannot talk,” See said.

Finally, the 911 board said some of the streets may be renamed in Mt. Union but the matter was just discussed and not acted on.

Supervisors meet again in regular session Tuesday, June 27, at 9 a.m., in the courthouse. During the meeting, the board will host an auction for the sale of city-owned property (maintenance shed and city park) in Mt. Union.


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