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By BILLIE JO ROSE, Crawfordsville correspondent | Nov 20, 2012

The Crawfordsville American Legion Post 593 hosted their annual Halloween party at the WACO Elementary School in Crawfordsville.

Legionnaires helping were Jeff Johnston, Mike Massey, Dean Slater and Ernest Whiting. The judges for the costume contest were Kristine Williams, Sherri Horak, Bill Blum and Dean Greiner.

The pre-school children participating were: Quincy Duvall (Iron Man); Tristen Heisdorffer, (turtle); Izzy Collier, (sparkle pirate) and Jeremy Collier, (dragon bat). Winners of this group were Quincy Duvall and Tristen Heisdorffer.

Kindergarten contestants were: Isabelle Duvall (Snow White); Payton Graber (witch); Isaac Rich (ninja) and Lizzie Gerot (witch). Winners of this group were Payton Graber and Isaac Rich.

First grade: Zoey Denler (Rapunzel); Isabella Mitchell (Jasmine); Catrina Sells (a lady bug) and Ethan Mesch (zombie ninja). Winners were Catrina Sells and Ethan Mesch.

Second grade: Joel Long (serial killer); Noah Rich (Darth Vader) and Amyrra Reid (zombie cheerleader). All three were winners of this group.

Third grade: Zack Schmitz (ninja); Ben Schlatter (army guy) and Lennon McClanahan (ghoul). The winner of this group was Lennon McClanahan.

Fourth grade: Lane Kiefer (ghoul); Josalyn Long (death gothic girl); and Elizabeth Schneider (witch). Winner of this group was Lane Kiefer.

Fifth grade: Sierra Gillis (a juice box); Alexandria Collins (skeleton girl); Grace Hiller (bag of jelly beans) and Jaydon Long (hula girl). The winners of this group were Sierra Gillis and Grace Hiller.

Sixth Grade: Brianna Schlatter (dancer); Clara Schmitz (zombie softball player); Naydia Brown (ghoul girl); Emma Leichty (witch) and Cleo Kiefer (witch). The winner was Clara Schmitz.

The teenage group was Jonathon Long (Scream); Darren Rickheim (WWII machine gunner); Joey Collier (eltrolite) and Alec Slovgard (WWII army officer). Winner was Joey Collier.

Adults participating were: Crystal Long (Big Mac); Mike Long (Marty McFlurry); Stephanie Heisdorffer (Poison Ivy) and Mike Massey (The Brain).

The winners of each group were assembled and paraded in order to pick the overall winner. The grand prize went to Sierra Gillis, the juice box.

Following the contest everyone went to the lunch room to enjoy coffee, donuts and milk, before heading out to Trick or Treat in Crawfordsville.

Forty People met at the Crawfordsville American Legion Hall for their annual Veteran’s Day dinner on Sunday, Nov. 4, a week before Veteran’s Day this year.

Jan and Ernie Whiting roasted the turkey and provided the main dishes for the dinner. Jeff and Diane Johnston assisted them.

Dean Slater offered prayer before the dinner.

Commander Jeff Johnston acted as emcee after the meal.

Victoria Griffith introduced her great-granddaughter, Linzie Hood of Mt. Pleasant, who told the highlights of her week at Girls’ State last summer.

Both the Legion and Auxiliary held short business meetings following the program.

I would like to introduce to you Jason Collier, the new pastor at the United Church of Crawfordsville. He also serves the Wayland First United Methodist Church.

As of Oct. 1, Collier’s new life as pastor became official. He has served several churches in one way or another for many years.

On Oct. 7, 2012, Collier preached his first sermon at the United Church of Crawfordsville. From that time Collier has been very busy. He and his family were welcomed with a potluck dinner, his first Sunday here, has officiated at two funerals and took part in the annual Fall Harvest dinner and auction.

Collier and his wife, Christina have four children, Joseph, who is 12, Lexi, 10; Izzy, 5, and Jeremy, 1 year. Tina Collier is currently in school to become a nurse, so is a very active wife and mother.

Collier was formerly a painter in the Quad Cities and Muscatine area. After receiving training as a lay missioner, he and his family moved to Columbus Junction. and become the youth coordinator the Columbus Junction United Methodist Church. Then in 2011 he was asked to preach at the Wayland First United Methodist Church.

He is very excited to serve Crawfordsville and is always anxious to meet people, so feel free to stop in and chat with him.

He plans to be in the church office Monday, Wednesday and Thurday,

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