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By BILLIE JO ROSE, Crawfordsville correspondent | Apr 26, 2013

The United Church Women met at the United Church of Crawfordsville at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9, with 12 members and Pastor Jason Collier present.

President Debbie Lowe opened the meeting and members read together the Opening Creed.

The devotion read by Donna Fletcher was based on Psalm 139, taken from “Planting and God’s Garden.”

The minutes of the March meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer Pat Miller gave the treasurer’s report. It was approved and placed on file for audit. Treasurer Miller reported the treasurer’s books were audited and found to be in order.

President Lowe read correspondence. Thank you notes were read from various community members for the quilts they had received that were made by the Dorcas Circle.

The devotion for the Birthday Offering was presented by Ruth Erwin. The offering this day was for “Building Up Our Neighbor,” a program in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme of the program is to please and build up our neighbor to glorify God with the goal of saving families, as all people belong to God. The Fellowship of the Least Coin and birthday offerings were taken.

Committee reports: Wilma McAllister reported several women from Dorcas took 14 quilts to the Fellowship Cup in Mt. Pleasant. The quilts had previously been blessed during Sunday worship. More quilts have been started. Anyone is welcome to join the group the second and fourth Mondays of each month at McAllister’s.

Old business: World Day of Prayer was held at the Ainsworth Community Church on March 1. Several members of the UCW attended. No regular meeting of the UCW was held in March.

New business: President Lowe shared a Welcome pamphlet from the UMC in Cheyenne, Wyo., a church she had recently attended.

The UCW Rummage sal will be held April 24-27 in the Fellowship Hall.

Pauline Richardson moved the UCW purchase two, four-to-six foot folding tables to be used as needed in the Fellowship Hall and for other miscellaneous purposes. Motion carried. Custodian Duane Lewis will be consulted regarding the purchase.

Cathy Williams moved the UCW finance the redecorating of the church nursery. This would include painting the walls, new window coverings and various other needs. No vote was taken and Williams was instructed to investigate the cost and present a plan at the next meeting.

Discussion regarding the upcoming church camping season was held. President Lowe presented the 2012 camp expenditures the UCW had supported. Pastor Jason told of several camp experiences available to the church youth. “Buddy Camp,” a special needs camp with youth involvement, is available. Motions were made concerning upcoming camp expenditures.

Upcoming events: President Lowe and Cathy Williams will be attending the UMW SE District meeting, “A Day Apart” in Wilton. The Rev. Lillian Gallo Seagren will be the speaker.

President Lowe thanked Donna Fletcher for hosting the meeting.

The meeting was closed by President Lowe reading Thessalonians 5:16-18 and Luke 24:32 and members reciting the Closing Creed.

Stefanie Aerni, an International Exchange Student from Grenchen, CH (Switzerland) arrived Jan. 12, and is making her home with Pastor Jason Collier and wife, Christine, and children, Joseph, Lexi, Izzy, Jeremy and Jessup. Her parents are Regula Aerni and Peter Aerni and brother, Fabian Aerni, 14 years old.

She is 16 years old and a sophomore at WACO High School where she is out for track and is also involved in the United Church of Crawfordsville Youth Group.

She is very excited and a little nervous about going to prom.

She has enjoyed traveling with the Colliers to Six Flags, Mall of America, attending a Hawkeye Girls basketball game and Fun City at Burlington. They also will be going to the Wisconsin Dells later on.

She is scheduled to return to Switzerland the end of June.

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