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Deer-hunting season begins Oct. 1 in Mt. Pleasant

Aug 15, 2013


Mt. Pleasant News

Deer hunting season will begin in Mt. Pleasant Oct. 1.

During Wednesday night’s city council meeting, council members approved the rules and regulations for the initial season of the City of Mt. Pleasant Urban Deer Management Program.

The program has been studied for nearly a year, and Police Chief Ron Archer headed the committee which studied the matter. The issue surfaced due to complaints from city residents that deer were destroying gardens, trees and other vegetation in Mt. Pleasant.

“DNR (Department of Natural Resources) rules apply and we adopted some regulations from other towns,” Archer said. “Hopefully, we can have a safe hunt and reduce the deer population. The rules and regulations are written as a resolution instead of an ordinance in the event we want to change or tweak it.”

The season will run through Jan. 10, 2014.

Following are the rules and regulations.

1. Each hunter must possess a State of Iowa hunting license and a City of Mt. Pleasant Deer Hunting Permit. In order for the permit to be issued, the hunter must agree to abide by the following rules and regulations. Non-compliance with these rules is a violation of Mt. Pleasant City Code.

2. Hunters must pass an authorized archery proficiency test each year with the weapon they will use to hunt with in Mt. Pleasant. Tests will be administered by Big Creek Outdoors Supply…The tests will not allow for any warm-up shots and will only allow for a maximum of two attempts each year to successfully complete the test. At least seven days must pass before the second (test) attempt. The test will consist of five total shots at 30 yards. The hunter must score at least three shots within an eight-inch circle. Hunters must contact Big Creek Outdoors to set up a time for testing.

3. After completion of the proficiency test and safety course, hunters must obtain a deer-hunting permit from Big Creek Outdoors. Hunters must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid Iowa hunter safety card.

4. Hunters must comply with the City of Mt. Pleasant Hunting Ordinance as well as Department of Natural Resources (DNR) rules and regulations for the State of Iowa. Mt. Pleasant permits are only good within the city limits of Mt. Pleasant.

5. Hunters must obtain a state license for each deer. A hunter shall not harvest more than three deer in a single day. A hunter must carry his/her Iowa hunting license and special use permit at all times while hunting.

6. Hunters must obtain permission to hunt on private property and must abide by the rules of the property owner in addition to the DNR and City of Mt. Pleasant rules.

7. Safety is our foremost concern. Hunters must ensure that all shots are made carefully and safely.

8. All shots must be made from an elevated position toward a deer that is not more than 25 yards from the hunter’s location. Shots must be oriented away from maintained roads, trails and structures.

9. Only portable stands may be used on property not owned by the hunter unless permission is granted by the owner. Ground blinds are not allowed. All city-owned property is considered closed to hunting unless a notice is published via the local media indicating otherwise.

10, The hunter agrees to maintain a minimum distance of 150 feet from any property line or occupied buildings unless permission is granted from property owner(s); 150 feel from any property owned by the Mt. Pleasant School District; 100 feet from any occupied buildings; and 100 feet from any street or trail.

11. No baiting, driving or stalking of deer is allowed.

12. Field dressing inside the city limits is not allowed (unless on owned property or with permission of the property owner).

13. Hunters must cover harvested deer or have them enclosed so they are not visible when transporting.

14. All deer taken shall be processed for meat or the meat given to charity.

15. Hunters must remove themselves immediately from any harassment situation and contact the Mt. Pleasant Police Department at 319-385-1450.

16. Any violation may result in the revocation of the permit or criminal charges, as appropriate.

17. Hunters must bring harvested deer immediately after they are recovered to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. Data is important for the overall success of this hunt. All deer harvested in the city must be reported to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources through its harvest reporting system. All does and button bucks checked in will be marked with orange spray paint.

18. All hunters who harvest a minimum of three does in one season will be eligible to enter a drawing for a buck tag the following year.



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