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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 25, 2018

Despite ‘springing forward,’ Sunrise Terrace residents wake up, head out to enjoy Monday’s sunshine

Mar 13, 2018

Sunday, the clocks spun forward an hour, and Sunrise Terrace woke up in the dark.

When the sun came up, the day was too nice to stay indoors, so a handful of residents called a driver and walked and rolled in to the bus for an afternoon drive.

They bumped along south on Iowa 78, then went straight at the curve to arrive at 170th St., where they made a left turn toward Mt. Union. They talked about the Lauer place at the edge of town, and went by the new elevator, before heading downtown, where they recalled the Krieger antiques store, the grocery store and, as they drove past the fire station, the bank and the Post Office building.

Sunrise Terrace residents decided among themselves that the Mt. Union school building looks a lot better than the Wyman school building.

After looping around town, they rolled south past Trinity Cemetery to the Mediapolis blacktop, with the idea of making sure that Yarmouth had not blown away in the March winds. A firetruck had been called to a trash fire that spread to a creek bed and was making some smoke. The Yarmouth school building was very neat, too, and the lawn well kept.

A Yarmouth memory that the locals knew was when the two neighbors had a Christmas light decoration competition until one died and Mr. Tonkinson decorated the entire half mile on both sides of what used to be the railroad tracks.

They rolled on toward the north, where the large Gabeline flag was held unfurled in the wind, and it made an impressive sight!

At Gabeline’s, they turned toward Mt. Union, then at Mt. Union, turned toward 78. That kink in the road one mile north was not nearly as sharp as it used to be.

At 78 the bus turned west to make the return trip to Winfield. Other than some grain unloading at Yarmouth, there was not much farm activity, and no field work yet, but from the far point of the trip, the view across the farmland was quite a broad vista.

Those who had not been to Yarmouth were fully initiated by the trip. Others saw many familiar home and farm sites, and enjoyed the outing.

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