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Dish Network scam reported in county

Dec 28, 2016

Henry County Sheriff’s Office has been alerted of a new phone scam operating in the county.

The sheriff’s office was informed of the scam Dec. 23 at approximately 11 a.m. In this scam, a person receives a phone call from someone claiming to be from Dish Network.

The scammers are using phone technology to make the caller identification display Dish Network as the caller. The scammer then informs you that your Dish Network receiver needs updating or replacing and asks you to turn on your television and follow their prompts so they can acquire the identifying numbers from the Dish Network receiver.

The scammer is not actually upgrading or checking anything on the Dish Network devices. After doing this, the scammer will attempt to charge you and request payment for the fake software update.

Sheriff’s office officials advise residents to be aware of this scam and not give out any personal information on the phone.


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