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Elegant holiday table on display at Dover Museum

Oct 02, 2017

In times past, when we didn’t rush from work to our many commitments and activities, dining took on an entirely different meaning. “Fast food” was not a term used by previous generations.

Instead, people took time to sit around a table with friends and family, enjoying a relaxing meal, served, no doubt, on a table covered with a tablecloth or place mats with china or pottery dishes, water glasses, flatware, and maybe even a centerpiece of some flowers from the garden. No paper, Styrofoam, foil or plastic!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas soon to arrive, a formal, elegant dining table will be on display at the Dover Museum in New London.

Unusual items such as an olive spoon, dessert compote, pie fork, service plate, ice cream fork and grape scissors will be on display.

The free exhibit opens the weekend of Oct. 7, and runs through Oct. 22, from 1 to 4 p.m., or by appointment: ph. 319-367-2573. On Oct. 7, antique connoisseur, Tom Sater, will be there to answer questions.

In an early Betty Crocker cookbook, Crocker writes, “A formal table needs fine porcelain, exquisite silverware, elegant cloths, and a centerpiece of distinction.” This display is an excellent example of her description.

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