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Enhance Henry County Community Foundation receives $133,672 from state

Sep 27, 2017

The Enhance Henry County Community Foundation has received a $133,672 state award to advance community based philanthropy throughout Henry County.

The award comes by the way of the County Endowment Fund, which was established by HF2302 in the 2004 legislative session. The purpose of the legislation is to encourage the creation and development of community foundations and civic philanthropy throughout Iowa by providing financial support.

Under the terms of the legislation, the Enhance Henry County Community Foundation will direct 75 percent of the award to foundation grant making activities and 25 percent will be placed in the Foundation’s permanent endowment. This allocation ratio provides the opportunity to assist local projects immediately as well as help build an endowment for the future of the county.

Since its establishment in 2004, the Enhance Henry County Community Foundation has awarded over $1,029,000 in grants to over 50 county organizations and charities. Together these awards have leveraged over $9.5 million in new projects for Henry County.

The permanent endowment of the Enhance Henry County Community Foundation is now $458,125. Local individuals and institutions are encouraged to learn more about the benefits of working with this foundation.

“We are anxious to put this new state award to work. Our foundation is making good headway and we hope this contribution will help encourage local interest and investment,” said Robert Meyer, chairman of the foundation.

To request an application or for any questions related to contributions, gifts and grant making, contact Lora Roth, administrator for the Foundation at 319-385-8728 or

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