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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 22, 2018

Excessive Celebration: The fall of social media?

By Andy Krutsinger

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


I remember when I was just nine or 10 years old and my parents bought our first family computer.

We had a Gateway, one of the more popular computer brands at the time. It had crummy dial-up internet that got disconnected every time you got a phone call, and all we really did for the first few months was take turns playing one of the three or four popular computer games that you could buy in CD form.

It felt like years went by where all we used the computer for was playing CD games, putting on music or occasionally checking the MSN homepage for news.

I remember thinking computers were just a phase, and that using the internet was for nerds. I was sure my family was going to throw ours out after the first year. I mean, who needs a computer when you have a television, right?

I remember this episode of the 90s sitcom “Married...With Children,” (real classy show, trust me), where Al Bundy’s family convinces him to buy a computer. It costs him a bunch of money and nobody ever gets on it, and I believe the episode ends with him smashing it to pieces while the studio audience cheers.

The internet just wasn’t cool back then. It was slow, easily interupted and kind of boring, to be honest.

Up until my early high school years, I only really used the internet to watch funny videos and illegally play in the online poker rooms even though I was only 13 (there’s your confession, FBI, come get me). Now I’m on it pretty much 24/7.

“Social media” didn’t take over the internet until about 2005 when MSN chat and were all the rage. It was so cool to chat with friends and family without having to go outside and experience real life.

Fast-forward to 10 years later and social media is king of the internet. Everyone I know is on Facebook; old friends, new friends, celebrities, athletes, my grandma who accidentally hits the wrong button and starts livestreaming herself watching the Lifetime channel in her apartment.

The charm of social media is all but dead. Everyone already knows what everybody else did with their lives. Everyone knows who’s right wing and who’s left wing. Everybody knows what everyone else’s pets look like.

Half of my Twitter follows are people I’ve never even talked to in real life and half my Facebook friends are people I haven’t seen in at least five years.

If I go to my Facebook timeline I usually see one of three things; click-bait ads from pages I “liked” 10 years ago, opinion articles from the cable news sites and complaining. Boy do people love complaining. All day, every day. People can’t get enough of complaining. And I would know, because I’m literally doing it right now.

Here’s a game I like to play...Go on your Facebook or Twitter, scroll down your timeline and see how many posts you can go through before you find someone that’s in a bad mood about life, work, politics or the weather. I guarantee you can’t make it past five.

I think I’m ready for the next big thing. Let’s see something else come in and knock the internet, or at least social media, off its pedestal. Like with all fads, the fall of social media bound to happen sooner or later.


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