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Former MP School Board members oppose bond

Aug 26, 2014

To the editor:

Due to the winds of controversy swirling around our school district, we former school board members do not believe it is time for a $16-plus million bond issue which will take us to our bonding limit.

There seems to be a consensus that the grade schools should be air conditioned.

A recent estimate of the cost of that air conditioning is $3 million. This does not include geothermal, but based on problems with such a system — as in the new Iowa prison — we don’t believe this approach should be taken.

The money can be raised by the board without raising taxes. The board, without a vote of the people and on its own, can pass a resolution to issue bonds in that amount by anticipating future sales tax receipts of the 1-percent school infrastructure sales tax. This is how the middle school project is being financed.

The school community is talking to the board and it’s time the board began listening.

David L. McCoid,

21 years board service

Lois Roth,

14 years board service

Ed Conwell,

12 years board service

John Rode,

6 years board service

Chris Prellwitz,

16 years board service

Joy Lynn Conwell,

8 years board service

Ann Bennett,

6 years board service

Carmen P Heaton,

12 years board service

Debbie Savage,

6 years board service



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