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Gifts to create lasting memories

By By TED BERNSTEIN, Founder of Life Insurance Concepts, Inc | Dec 12, 2013

Kids get their first cell phone by age 12, and more than a third of them have smart phones. Nine out of 10 teens have a computer and 97 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds play video games. More than half the homes in the United States have a fairly new video game console.
“It’s great that our kids have access to technology, but I talk to a lot of grandparents who say they simply don’t enjoy giving their grandkids tech gifts during the holiday season,” says Ted Bernstein, founder of Life Insurance Concepts, Inc. ( “They want to give something their grandkids will treasure; something they’ll remember for a long time.”
He offers these suggestions for holiday gifts for grandkids that create lasting memories.
• Their own clunker – which you’ll restore together. If you have a grandchild who’s still a few years from driving age, buy an old pickup truck that the two of you can restore together. You’ll have years to complete the project, which guarantees not only lots of one-on-one time together, but also the opportunity to teach valuable skills that will benefit him or her for a lifetime.
• An annual helping hand for years after you’ve gone. Imagine being able to send your grandchild a holiday gift of $20,000 every year for 20, 30 or 40 years – with a note from you attached. You can do it with the Installment Life Option, a life insurance policy option that pays beneficiaries of a life insurance policy in predetermined amounts of your choice for up to 40 years.
• The gift of compassion. Sponsor an impoverished child in another country in your grandchild’s name.
One organization highly rated by independent charity evaluator Charity Navigator is Compassion International. The 61-year-old Christian-based non-profit facilitates 1.2 million sponsorships, providing the children with food, medical care, educational opportunities and more for $38 per month. Sponsors are invited to exchange letters and develop a relationship with the child.

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