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Got blinkers? Use them

Jul 16, 2014

To the editor:

A view from a retired person

I thought all cars and pickups came with turn signals. I am not sure or maybe they (drivers) do not how to use them or don’t care who is behind them.

I have been passed in town, then they pull in front of me, slam on their brakes and turn right or left and no turn signals.

Going around the square, I have had people stop and get out of their car or pickup, run across the street (leaving the driver’s door open) just to talk to someone.

If you honk the horn, they return, shut the door and put their four-way flashers on, so you just drive around them and shake your head.

Then there is the four-way stop signs at (highways) 218 and 34. Mercy, this gets wild on whose turn it is to go. I have seen people fly by the stop sign and did not slow down, but they were on their cellphone.

It happened all in a day and evening driving around the town of Mt. Pleasant. Have a great day and be careful driving.

Marvin Johnson

Mt. Pleasant


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