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Happy Birthday, America

Jul 02, 2014

By Judy Mote,

Mt. Pleasant

Before we get caught up in things,

The hoop-la of the celebration,

Let’s take some time to understand,

Some things about our Nation.


God created all of us,

And everything around,

He’s what holds us all together,

And makes life what we’ve found.


Our morals keep us strong,

To face each day of life,

And communication helps us understand,

What’s happening in good and strife.


Common sense is right there too,

To help pull us through,

To fill in Where it’s needed,

In knowing what to do.


Our nation is now changing,

Our basic beliefs are wearing thin,

We need to all work together,

To make life great again.


Each one of us are important,

So let’s all do our part,

To help our wonderful nation,

The best and with lots of heart!


So Happy Birthday America,

May we always be proud,

Of what we are and who we are,

And shout it right out loud!


God Bless America and you!


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