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Health center construction to move indoors next week

Feb 20, 2013


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Plan on arriving for your doctor’s appointment a few minutes earlier starting next week, as it may take awhile to navigate through the hospital.

Construction will be moving inside the current facility next week, with temporary partitions being erected to create new hallways and guide traffic around the construction.

“Starting next week the hallway changes by the elevator going to the specialty clinics. That goes away and we’re walking through the health education center,” Robb Gardner, HCHC CEO told the board of trustees during its regular meeting on Tuesday. “But it’s all in the good nature of progress.”

In the meantime, employees, patients and visitors to HCHC will have to be patient with the noise, temporary walls and changing pathways.

“Logistically, what a nightmare,” commented Jan Towne, trustee. During the monthly inspection of HCHC by a trustee, she reviewed the plans for the changes inside the hospital during construction.

“(There is) lots of tape on the carpet where walls are going to be, the temporary walls, so you can kind of see where things are going to get done,” said Towne. “It’s going to be disruptive, no doubt.”

Towne said the plan is to have the HCHC Auxiliary help patients to navigate.

“The way they get to places is going to change literally every day,” said Towne. “There will be times where it will be different every day, where you get off the elevator and you think you know where you are and it’s like, ‘Where am I?’ because it all looks different. There’s a wall here that wasn’t here yesterday.”

Interior work at HCHC is expected to be finished by March 2014, but Project Manager Cragon Caboth noted it may depend on what they find when the walls are opened up.

So far the construction schedule has been moving forward rapidly, greatly due to the mild winter weather.

“Two years in a row we’ve had very good winter weather, amazingly,” said Garder, adding, “It might get a little bit more interesting this week, with possibilities of Winter Storm Q.”

Although Winter Storm Q is predicted to hit over the next few days, Caboth told the board that the addition should be closed before then and the weather should not be an issue.

“We should have enclosure by the end of this week,” said Caboth, noting that roofing has started on the addition. “They’re telling us they’ll be done (roofing) on the surgery addition Thursday night before the snow hits,” said Caboth.

Caboth also noted that the main floor slab for the surgery addition is scheduled for next week.

In other business, the trustees approved the taxation rate of 0.81231 per $1,000 taxable valuation for fiscal year 2014.

CFO Dave Muhs noted that this is the same levy rate the hospital has used for the past six years.


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