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Henry County 4-Hers win ribbons at State Fair

Sep 12, 2013

Following are the Henry County 4-H members who earned ribbons and placings at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.

Exhibits/Small Animal/Livestock exhibited at the 2013 Iowa State Fair

Blue Ribbons - Lauren Baker, Shelby Barton, Grant Davidson, Max Denly. Brittney Fraise, Klinton Garrett (2), Emily & Holly Grace, Savannah Jolowski, Brian Klossing, Elinor Krieger-Coble, Mikhayla Kruse-Meek;

Rachel Kuckes, Elizabeth Litchfield, Leah McElhinney (2), Olivia Oetken, Samantha Rosell, Zoe Runyon, Hallie Sandeen, Alyssa Smith, Alyssa Striegel, Kaelen Wiegand.

Red Ribbons – Lauren Baker, Drake Christe, Anna Crawford, Brittney Fraise, Carson McSorley, Christian Morey, Joshua Morey, Blake Nehring, Christian Oetken, Olivia Oetken (2), Kirsten Smith, Rebecca Strothman, Lilly VanAmerongen.

White Ribbons – Lauren Baker, Allie McArtor, Dakota Haines and Fionna Sparrow.

Merit – Alyssa Smith, Abby Smith.

Recognition – Abby Smith, Rebecca Wilson.

4-H Gallery Award


Medal – Leah McElhinney.

Communications Results

Recognition – Lilly VanAmerongen, Charlie Lloyd, Katherine McAllister, Carson McSorley, Michaela Brown.

Excellence – Ryan Fancy, Hannah Stator, Paige State


Merit – Hallie Sandeen, Breanne Runyon, Becca Stratham.

Beef of Merit Live Results

Purple Ribbon – Hannah Wickham.

Blue Ribbons – Briana-Sue Schlatter, Sterling Wickham.


Breeding Sheep Results

Blue Ribbon – Brianna-Sue Schlatter.

Purple Ribbon – Brianna-Sue Schlatter.

Market Sheep Results

Blue Ribbon – Brianna-Sue Schlatter.

Purple Ribbons – Brianna-Sue Schlatter (2).

Performance Lamb Live Results

Blue Ribbons – Grace Davidson (2), Briana-Sue Schlatter.

Sheep Showman Results

Blue Ribbons – Grace Davidson, Briana-Sue Schlatter.


Meat Goats Does (Results)

Blue Ribbons – Willow Barton, Anna Beckman.

Purple Ribbons – Morgan Hotop (2).

Meat Goat Wethers (Results)

Blue Ribbons – Willow Barton (2), Anna Beckman, Morgan Hotop (2), Allie McArtor (2).

Meat Goats Showmanship

Blue Ribbons – Anna Beckman, Morgan Hotop, Allie McArtor.

Purple Ribbon – Willow Barton.


Rabbit Results

Blue Ribbon – Tyler Craig.

Best Opposite Sex of Variety Mini Satin

Blue Ribbons – Tyler Craig (3).

Purple Ribbon – Emily Grace.

Best Opposite Sex American Sable

Blue Ribbon – Emily Grace.

Best of Variety Polish

Purple Ribbon – Emily Grace.

Best Opposite Sex of Variety Polish

Purple Ribbons – Emily Grace (3).

Red Ribbon – Emily Grace.

Championship Jr. Rabbit Showmanship

Blue Ribbon – Holly Grace.

Best Opposite Sex of Variety Havana

Blue Ribbons – Holly Grace (4).


Swine Showmanship Results

Blue Ribbon – Klinton Garrett.

Market Swine Results

Blue Ribbons – Klinton Garrett (2), Allie McArtor (2).



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