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Henry County Health Center construction nearly complete

Jun 19, 2014


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The construction project at the Henry County Health Center is almost complete, and should be by the end of July.

“The construction is coming right along and everything looks wonderful,” said board member Carmen Heaton during Henry County Health Center’s Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday. “I went over by the women’s center and it was just, wow. The feeling is quiet and serene wherever you go and the hallways with the seats in it are just great. Everything is clean and I was grateful to be able to see it all.”

Construction project manager Cragon Caboth informed the board that construction was going smoothly.

“We have two sets of glass doors that we are scheduling to put in soon,” said Caboth. “We have a few punch lists (items that need to be completed) and we should have those done by the 27th (June). The radiology canopy is under way and the foundation is in as well as the structure.

“They will be putting the concrete down next week. It should be completed by July 11, but of course since the project is outside, we have to fight with the weather and it could slow things down,” said Caboth.

The trustees welcomed new board member, Sally Olson, during the meeting and Bill Grimm, administrator at HCHC, swore her in during the meeting. Olson was welcomed by the board and filled the empty seat that was available due to Rich Garrels retiring earlier this spring.

CEO of HCHC Robb Gardner discussed the Hobbie Print Award, which began in 2005.

“The artwork for the display was completed by Susie Kropa of Mt. Pleasant and she did it for us (HCHC),” explained Gardner. “The award started in 2005 after a board member retired after 38 years. It’s a way to recognize them for their service to the community and the hospital. It’s for individuals who are not paid at HCHC (volunteer work) and the person ahs to be approved by the board.

“I would like to recommend three for the award. Dr. Steve Readinger, who retired just 10 days ago after serving HCHC and the community for 36 years; Dr. Warren Scott who kind of retired, came back and is now around the community a lot and does a lot for HCHC and the community; and Rich Garrels who was a former board member. They all are very deserving of the award and I recommend you (the board) approve them,” said Gardner.

The board approved awarding the Hobbie Print Award to Dr. Steve Readinger, Dr. Warren Scott and Rich Garrels.

Gardner also wanted to take a moment during the meeting to mention his thanks to Lennis Moore, who was a big part of the community and Old Threshers.

“Our thoughts are with the family with this loss,” said Gardner. “He was a major part of Midwest Old Threshers and the community.”

During the meeting, the board approved the bylaw change for July meetings. July meetings will now be held on the last Tuesday of the month to allow for fiscal end reports.

The Henry County Board of Trustees will meet again in regular session on July 29, at 12 p.m. in the HCHC board room.


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