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Henry needs a new home

Jun 21, 2013
Photo by: Submitted photo Lauren Odman, a registered nurse in the emergency department at Henry County Health Center, is pictured with Henry, the five-week-old kitten she rescued from the side of the highway after witnessing it dropped from the window of a pickup truck. Odman is trying to find Henry a new home.


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It wasn’t your typical Monday.

While Lauren Odman was driving from her home in Fairfield to Henry County Health Center where she works as a registered nurse in the emergency department, she saw something that she said made her heart drop. A black pickup truck slowed down, pulled into a U-turn area and dropped something out of its window.

“I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but I saw it move,” said Odman, who quickly pulled her car to the side of the road to check it out. “Lo and behold, it was a little five-week-old kitten.”

Attempts to wave down the driver of the pickup were unsuccessful, and Odman brought the kitten to work. Her supervisor, Vicky Ogev, said she could bring it into the break room to clean it up and allowed her time to bring it to the local veterinarian.

“I named him Henry, as a nod to the hospital where I first brought him,” said Odman.

Thankfully, Henry was uninjured. There was nothing wrong with him except for a cold, and Odman believes the former owner may have tossed him because he or she did not want to pay just over $30 for antibiotics.

Odman got the antibiotics and brought him back to the break room at work, where he spent the rest of the day before going home with her.

Four days later, Henry is doing well.

“He’s doing amazing. He’s completely rebounded from his little cold,” said Odman.

Now that her furry little patient has recovered, Odman hopes to find him a good home.

“He is such a sweet kitten! I am hoping to find him a home with someone who is able to show him the love that his original owners did not,” she said.

If you are able to give Henry a home, contact Odman at or call 412-345-1765 and leave a message.


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Posted by: Jennifer E Hoover | Jun 21, 2013 21:28

Thankfully she was able to save him and give hime some love before hed finds a a loving forever home. Poor baby.

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