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HHCC reports a profitable fair

Aug 07, 2013


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Healthy Henry County Communities made the fair just a little bit healthier this year, and they are excited about the possibilities for next year.

“The county fair went well,” said Kelly Carr, Healthy Communities coordinator at yesterday’s HHCC board meeting.

“We totaled right around $500 (in sales), which is double what we sold last year,” said Carr. “Considering our most expensive item was two dollars, I’d say we did pretty good.”

Carr reported to the board that the fair projects were funded by grant money.

“We were able to — because we had an Enhance Henry County Communities Foundation grant —use grant money for expenses so the whole $500 will go to our general account to help with expenses, so that is nice,” Carr added.

HHCC had a food booth this year at the fair, offering healthier options than the typical “fair food” choices. The board also sponsored an activity, “Wrap it Up Food and Fitness Challenge” on Sunday during the fair, which encouraged healthy eating as well as promoting physical activity.

“At the food booth, the fresh fruit, fresh peaches went well. The grapes sold well, too,” said Carr. “The sandwiches went over well, and the baked chips and popped-rice snacks were good.

“We tried some different things this year,” continued Carr. “We had some Greek yogurt and it wasn’t selling very well. A friend of mine suggested freezing it, so we tried that and froze it over night and the next day we sold out of those.”

Along with learning which foods went over well, Carr also noted that there were some things she learned about when to staff the booths.

“We learned what worked and what didn’t work,” said Carr. “Next year we will be staffing the booths through most of the demo derby. I didn’t realize what a big thing that was. We will also try to have all day help instead of just doing lunch and then coming back for dinner. It seemed like the afternoon snack crowd was coming out as well.”

Aside from offering healthier food options at the fair, the HHCC board provided some educational benefits to fair-goers in the for of a game.

“We were part of the “Find Me at the Fair” scavenger hunt, so they had to stop and see us if they were participating in that,” said Carr. “We had a game for them to guess how much sugar is in energy drinks, coffee drinks, teas and sodas.

“I feel like we really educated people.” Carr continued. “Educating people is our main goal, more so than making money. We had the healthy option — which we wanted — we educated people about the amount of sugar in their drinks and we introduced them to some new healthy choices that they might not have tried otherwise. We made a difference and it was worthwhile for us to be out there. It was good exposure for what we can do for the community.”

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