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Neighbors Growing Together | Sep 24, 2018

Hillsboro News: Visiting with friends and enjoying new music

May 01, 2018

How glorious to celebrate Easter with fellow Christians, even though it was April Fools’ Day, and we had snow.

Cheryl Bell attended the sunrise service at the Bonaparte Baptist Church. Scripture reading and special music brought tears of joy to those present.

A yummy breakfast prepared by the men of the church followed, before the regular morning worship service.

Richard attended Parkside Baptist in Burlington with son Mark and his family.

Sunday evening, Cheryl went to a revival service held at Salem Congregational Church, with Evangelist Brent Gellos preaching. Richard and Cheryl both attended the revival services during the week.

In one sermon, he pointed out the incredible, sacrificial and unconditional love of God. How thankful we all should be. Special music each night was an added blessing.

Cheryl spent a day with granddaughter Clara Jo, in Burlington.

One of their errands included a stop at the Hawk Eye newspaper to pick up a copy of Sunday’s paper which featured pictures of grandson, Samuel, at an Easter Egg Hunt at Great River Christian School and quotes from the children’s mother, Courtney, who teaches second grade there.

Richard and Cheryl, along with son Mark, went to a meeting in Mt. Pleasant Friday evening.

On Saturday, Cheryl and Tam Shriver were among guests at Pizza Hut in Mt. Pleasant for a bridal shower honoring Megan Jennings.

Megan received many lovely gifts and the shower hostesses gave planted tulips to the guests. It looks like Cheryl will soon have tulips blooming in the house to welcome spring.

Sunday and it snowed again! It was also Ministry Sunday for Bonaparte Baptist Church. Cheryl, Edith Vickers and Vickie Randolph attended.

Young people from church sang several uplifting songs. They were accompanied by Vern Gerig on the guitar and Chris Caston at the piano. Pastor Mark Caston gave encouraging devotions and closed with prayer.

Cheryl, Edith and Vickie had a wonderful visit with Glenna Huff after the program. Glenna showed them pictures of her lovely family.

Cheryl and Glenna’s son Raymond were born a day apart at the same hospital, and Ray’s wife is Cheryl’s childhood best friend, Norma Hartley Stecker. Before departing, the ladies had a time of prayer.

Richard and Cheryl and other family members enjoyed the Pilot Grove Savings Bank Heritage Club dinner held at the West Point American Legion.

Berry pie topped off the delicious meal. Cheryl tried to help Richard watch his carbs by eating some of his when he wasn’t looking!

Richard is driving on new front tires and a fresh oil change and thanks to Elliott’s in Bonaparte. What would we do without them?

Wherever Richard goes, he visits that town’s library. He is an avid reader and particularly enjoys books written over a century ago by G. A. Hinty. Cheryl has continued to go to the Great River Medical Center therapeutic pool. It seems to have helped her knee recover from her fall.

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