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How much crime is in your neighborhood?

MP Police produces map showing locations of crime
Feb 07, 2018
Courtesy of: Mt. Pleasant Police Department The Mt. Pleasant Police Department recently released a map of the City of Mt. Pleasant color coding the type of non-traffic related crime law enforcement officials investigated. The map above identifies each of the 59 investigations conducted in the month of January. The crimes are color coded as follows: orange, burglaries; brown, drugs; blue, crimes against people; green, crimes against property;  white, all other.The police department plans to release a map each month to inform residents of the type and number of investigations law enforcement handles.

By Brooks Taylor, Mt. Pleasant News


Want to know about crime in your neighborhood?

The Mt. Pleasant Police Department is aiding residents’ quest by producing a monthly map of criminal investigations in the city. The first map was released last week with the locations of investigations in January, and Mt. Pleasant Police Lt. Lyle Murray said the figures will be available monthly on Facebook.

He said there are several reasons behind the release of the map. “People can see what is going on in their area and they can also see the activity of the police department.”

Crime is divided into five classifications on the map — crime against people; crime against business; drugs; burglaries; and all other. Locations of crime are marked and color coded on the map, according to the type of crime.

Studying the map, it can be surmised that investigations were spread out across Mt. Pleasant and not concentrated in certain areas.

Crimes against people, Murray said, are assaults, domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, etc. Meanwhile, crimes against business are defined as shoplifting, theft and mischief.

In January the department conducted 59 investigations which Murray thought were about normal for the month.

However, crime has risen each year in the city, he said. “Crime is definitely on the upswing here. Our investigations went up from 866 in 2016 to 891 last year, which is the highest number in the last five years.”

Murray did not have a reason for the increase. “I think it is just a sign of the times.”

Of those 891 investigations in 2017, 110 were drug cases.

Credit card fraud and forgery cases, conducted by scammers, added significantly to last year’s crime total, Murray said, and although it has slowed in recent months, the department still investigates cases nearly weekly. “They (scammers) are still out there, they just change their tactics.”

On a positive note, vehicle and home burglaries are declining. “I think people are becoming more vigilant about locking their cars and houses,” he said.

The monthly investigations map will be on display on the department’s Facebook page within the first few days of the month.

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