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If you live near the county quarry, make sure you have your ear plugs ready

Nov 06, 2013


Mt. Pleasant News

Starting next week, blasting may be heard at the quarry.

“Preston Ready Mix, the contractor for the quarry-crushing project, is preparing to begin blasting at the beginning of next week, hopefully,” said Henry County engineer Jake Hotchkiss during the regular Henry County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning.

“Preston Ready Mix is supposed to bring their drill in today (Tuesday) and finish the prep work this week for blasting,” Hotchkiss said. “They have their own seismic monitors they have to use, but we like to speak with residents as well, just as a common courtesy.”

The snowmobile route was discussed once again during the meeting. “I brought a rough draft of the agreement with me today (Tuesday) and this is the one I brought to the county attorney. Nothing has been agreed upon between the club and myself yet, but I thought you could look at this and then you could ask questions next week if you have them,” Hotchkiss said to the board.

The engineer then discussed some aspects of the contract. “It will be an annual contract with a review. I put this in there to see if the club maintains the trails to expectations as stated in the agreement. If they don’t, then we can revoke it for a year and see if they make the changes.”

Marc Lindeen, vice-chairman of the board, had the engineer discuss the maintenance aspect in more depth.

“I don’t feel comfortable with them mowing so I changed that and came up with something I think would work. Basically, I would have my guys do the mowing with the boom mower, but there would be more to it than that. I have to discuss that with the club still. I just didn’t want them to have the freedom of mowing in the ditches. They would need a permit to do any cutting/trimming of trees as well,” Hotchkiss said. “Also, the approximate mileage of the trail is about 50 miles. I think it’s a good distance to see if the club maintains it and to prove they are serious.”

The engineer then discussed his weekly updates with the board. “The long, slow rain was really good for us last week. It helped with the cracks, but because of the rain we have had more slides,” he said. “You will have that though with the dry weather we have had. We worked on and should be finishing up with the slide on Ash Avenue, but they are just difficult to fix. We were also out blading the territories and we hoping to get the roads tied for winter.”

Hotchkiss also told the board, “In regards to our asphalt projects, we were around $70,000 under budget. There are still a few things we need to look at to have a final number, but any time we are under budget it’s a good thing. We will use that money toward other projects.”

Rich McNamee, Henry County sheriff, needed the board’s approval to accept a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. “This grant we are eligible for because we house illegal immigrants in our jail. Last year we received $4,100 and this year we are eligible for $6,195. We just have to have accept it by mid-November,” he said. “We can use the grant money in numerous ways, labor, overtime, maintenance, any jail expense and we are going to use it towards our advanced correctional care, which costs us about $25,000 a year. We would have until July 1 to use it.”

The board approved the acceptance of the grant.

The Henry County Board of Supervisors will meet again in regular session on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 9 a.m. in the board room located at the Court House.


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