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Iowa DNR releases fishing report

May 13, 2013

Lake Odessa

All the ramps on Odessa are still underwater.


Lake Geode

The water continues to clear up but is still a little cloudy. Largemouth bass — good: anglers are picking up some nice bass around the fish habitat and rock piles. Crappie — good: crappie fishing remains very good along the face of the dam. Jigs tipped with minnows seem to be working well.


Lake Belva Deer

The water is a little cloudy, at least by Belva Deer's standards. Channel catfish — good: anglers using minnows for crappies shouldn't be too surprised if they pick up a few nice two- to three-pound channel cats along the way. Largemouth bass — good: bass fishing has been pretty good during the warmer weather. Crappie — good: anglers have been picking up some nice crappies in about six feet of water using jigs and minnows.


Lake of the Hills

There's been plenty of boats on the lake with the Mississippi River conditions being what they are. Lake of the Hills is the only lake in West Lake Park that allows the use of live minnows as bait. Rainbow trout — good: Trout fishing remains good; work the rocks and where the waters enter the lakes. Worm and bobber seems to work the best. Largemouth bass — good: bass fishing has been good along the dams and other rocky areas of the lake. Jig and pigs or a slow moving crankbaits seem to be the best baits.


Railroad Lake

Remember the use of live minnows as bait is not allowed in Railroad Lake. Bluegill — fair: anglers are picking up bluegills along the area around the inflow from Bluegrass. Crappie — fair: anglers are also picking up crappies in the same area as the bluegills.


Wilson Lake

Rainbow trout — excellent: trout fishing has been good depending on the trout's daily menu. Berkley Powerbait in a variety of colors seems to be the most dependable producer.


Skunk River (Coppock to Mississippi River)

The Skunk is back up again after more than two inches of rain late last week. It doesn't seem to be coming down very fast, either.


Iowa River (Columbus Junction to Mississippi River)

The Iowa River is about at minor flood stage and not forecast to move below that for a while.


Big Hollow Lake

Lots of people out fishing this week. Water temperature is 66-67 degrees. Crappies seem to still be in pre-spawn mode. Bluegill — good: the bluegills are in shallow at least when it's not raining. Largemouth bass — good: the bass are in fairly shallow, work the rocky areas in the lake. Crappie — good: anglers are picking up a few crappies on minnows near the structure. The fish are down six to eight feet. Only a few in shallow. Most of the keepers are around 11 inches.


For more information on the above lakes and rivers call the Lake Darling Fisheries Station at 319-694-2430.


Iowa Lake

Largemouth bass — fair. Crappie — fair.


Kent Park Lake

Bluegill — fair. Largemouth bass — fair.


Lake Macbride

Water temperatures are about 65 degrees. Water clarity is still murky with less than two feet of visibility. Many fish species have begun to move shallow. Largemouth bass — fair: some fish are being caught shallow. Crappie — fair: fish around brush with bright colored jigs and/or minnows. Walleye — slow: a few fish are being caught by trolling in depths less than 15 feet.


Central Park Lake

Water temperature is in the 50s. Largemouth bass — good: crawdad colored baits are working best. Crappie — good: small purple jigs have been working best.


Pleasant Creek Lake

Water clarity is excellent and water temperature is around 60 degrees. Remember, largemouth bass must be 18 inches to keep and musky must be 40 inches to keep. Largemouth bass — fair: some bass are being caught on rocky banks. Walleye — fair: a few walleyes are being picked up along the dam at sunset.


Diamond Lake

The lake is still murky. Remember, no minnows are allowed here. Channel catfish — fair: a few fish are being caught on chicken liver. Crappie — slow.


Otter Creek Lake

The fish cleaning station is now operational and the boat dock is in. Bluegill — slow. Yellow bass — fair.


Union Grove Lake

Bluegill — fair. Crappie — fair. Yellow bass — good: anglers are catching quite a few 10-inch fish.


Coralville Reservoir

The lake level on May 9 was 693 feet (normal 679 feet) and rising about a half foot per day. The water is fairly dirty and there has been very little fishing activity. Channel catfish — fair: some fish are being caught on cut shad. Crappie — slow: fish shallow brush with bright jigs and/or minnows.


Iowa River (Coralville Lake to River Junction)

Outflow from the Coralville dam is 6,000 cubic feet per second. It will remain at this flow until normal water levels are reached in the Lake.


Cedar River (Cedar Rapids to Moscow)

The first ever silver carp was collected by a DNR sampling crew below the dam at Palisades State Park this week. Anglers are encouraged to report catching any silver or bighead carp to DNR fisheries personnel and to keep the fish for identification and aging purposes. Channel catfish — fair: some fish are being caught below dams in Cedar Rapids.


Wapsi River (Troy Mills to Oxford Junction)

Channel catfish — fair. Smallmouth bass — good: fish are being caught below the dams on jigs, crankbaits, and live bait. Walleye — good: fish are being caught below the dams on jigs, crankbaits, and live bait.


For more information, contact the Lake Macbride Fisheries Station at 319-624-3615.


Red Haw Lake

Bluegill — fair: use small jigs along the shoreline. Target areas along the fishing jetties and the dam. Crappie — fair: use minnows fished under a bobber along the rock jetties and around the underwater structures.


Lake Sugema

Largemouth bass — fair: use spinnerbaits fished along any areas with rip rock or other rock. Also try a jig and pig combo in these same areas. Crappie — slow: some crappies have been biting in six to eight feet of water on small jigs.


Rathbun Reservoir

The current lake level is 916.82 feet with normal pool being 904 feet. The water temperature is 58 degrees. Don't forget Lake Rathbun contains zebra mussels so make sure to clean, drain and dry boats before transporting to another water body. Spray boats and trailers with high pressure hot water (above 104 degrees) or let them dry for at least 10 days (five days in the sun). Channel Catfish— slow: try cut bait in coves with the wind blowing into them. Crappie — slow: crappie fishing remains slow. They should move shallower as the water temperature increases. Use jigs in eight to 10 feet of water.


If you have other questions call the Rathbun Fish Hatchery at 641-647-2406.

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