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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 22, 2017

It’s a boy

Henry County’s first baby of the year is seventh for Giles family
Jan 05, 2017
Photo by: Bryce Kelly Ronnie and Monica Giles, of Mt. Pleasant, celebrated the birth of their son, Shadow LaYne Giles, on Tuesday. Shadow was the first baby to be born at HCHC in 2017, and the couple were honored by the HCHC Auxillary for the occasion. Pictured above are the couple with their new addition, along with two of their daughters, Abigail (center) and Jocelyn (left). In total, the couple have seven children.


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If there is one thing that Ronnie and Monica Giles know a lot about, it’s kids. The Mt. Pleasant couple of now seven children welcomed their newborn son to the world on Tuesday evening, and with him, came another surprise.

Shadow LaYne Giles was born at 4:31 p.m., on Tuesday. At seven pounds, nine ounces, and 18 inches long, Ronnie and Monica’s youngest child is already their pride and joy.

And as if having a baby isn’t special enough, on Wednesday, the couple was informed that Shadow was in fact the first baby to be born at HCHC in 2017. Both Ronnie and Monica say they were surprised when they heard the news of Shadow’s special birthdate at the health center, but insist their new baby boy was already “pretty special, regardless of his birthday”.

“We were wanting more children when we got pregnant with him,” said Ronnie, thinking back to when their pregnancy journey first began. “I have two boys of my own, but Monica had no boys, so we were really wanting a son. So, when we found out he was going to be a boy, we were just so excited.”

For Monica, she says she is looking forward to raising her baby boy, but says Shadow will be her last child, insisting seven kids between her and her husband is quite enough to keep their lives busy for quite some time.

“Yeah, I am done for sure. We now have seven kids, and that’s a good number, I think,” she said, holding her new baby. “And, we just found out that Ronnie’s oldest child, who is 21, is going to be a dad. So, Ronnie is now a new dad and will soon be a grandpa…we are going to be happily busy for sure.”

Now at the end of their pregnancy journey, Monica says her last child was a slightly more difficult pregnancy than her others. Constantly battling morning sickness and heartburn, Monica says the last nine months were certainly a challenge.

Additionally, Ronnie and Monica recently relocated to Mt. Pleasant three months ago when Ronnie got a job in the area. Both said that leaving their original maternity doctor was a tough decision so far into the pregnancy, but felt comfortable in their decision to deliver at HCHC when they met the maternity ward medical staff.

“We weren’t familiar with the hospitals in the area at all, so when we moved here, I immediately started calling around to different hospitals. HCHC was close to where we were, so right off the bat, it seemed like the smart choice,” said Monica. “When we got here (HCHC), we had the option of having midwives, and to be honest, I didn’t really know much about that. Now that I’ve gone through labor with them, I understand how great they are to have.”

For Ronnie, who was present during the labor and delivery, the fact that both his wife and son are happy and healthy is what matters most to him. Fortunately, Shadow’s delivery went without any major complications. Ronnie even got to cut the umbilical cord to commemorate the couple’s last child - a first time experience for him as a dad.

“The midwives here were great. We saw them throughout the whole process, we established relationships with them, and it was really comforting knowing that one or both of these women were going to be there to deliver our son,” he said. “And they did a great job. We were happy that we had that option of having them.”

On Wednesday, the couple was able to take their new baby home, and says they are more than ready to start their life with their new family addition.

“There really aren’t words to explain how it felt when he was born,” said Monica. “It’s hard to explain even now. I’m excited to watch him grow up with his brothers and sisters, and just excited that I get to raise him.”

Ronnie, who echoed many of his wife’s sentiments, says he couldn’t help but cry when he saw his son for the first time. Now that the labor is all over and the couple get to take their son home, Ronnie says he has a fairly clear desire for his son’s future.

“I just want him to become his own man, I want him to have close relationships with his siblings, and I want him to know God,” he said. “And, I want him to always know how much we love him.”


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