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It’s deer hunting season in MP

Oct 05, 2017

By Brooks Taylor, Mt. Pleasant News


Sharpen those arrows and polish that bow because it is deer season in Mt. Pleasant.

The season opened this week and runs through Jan. 10, 2018.

Mt. Pleasant joined a growing list of Iowa municipalities four years ago to allow deer hunting within the city limits. Ottumwa, Keokuk, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are some of the other cities in eastern Iowa which allow it.

Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Ron Archer said the season was initiated for a couple of reasons. “First of all, we’re not trying to eliminate deer, we just want to control them. Secondly, there had been some complaints by Mt. Pleasant residents that deer were eating their plants and vegetation.”

There are some restrictions. Deer hunting can only be on private property, the hunter must receive permission of the landowner and only does can be hunted. “There can’t be any hunting on public property or in parks,” Archer pointed out.

Hunters must be at least 18 years of age and possess a State of Iowa hunting license and City of Mt. Pleasant bow-hunting permit.

To obtain a city permit, prospective hunters must pass a proficiency test, which is administered at Big Creek Outdoors. A city permit is a special-issued permit and valid only within the city limits of Mt. Pleasant. A city permit does not affect a hunter’s ability to purchase any other state deer hunting licenses.

Archer said the permit was very popular the first year but interest has diminished some in recent years. “The first year we issued about a dozen permits but now it has dropped to six or eight per year.”

He said a significant reason for the decrease is the lack of sites to hunt. “I think a lot more hunters would hunt but they don’t have anywhere to hunt,” Archer noted.

Hunters are advised to hunt from an elevated position, he added.

A special perk of the program is that if a hunter harvests three does during one season, he or she will be given an incentive tag that allows them to claim a buck the next year. The first year, two hunters received the incentive tag but no tags have been issued since, Archer said.

The deer must be taken to the police station, so it can be determined the sex of the deer and where the deer was killed. Archer said that information is needed because a report on each deer shot must be reported to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

During the years deer hunting in the city has been allowed, Archer said the most deer have been shot in the southwest part of town and between Linden Heights and the Iowa Correctional Institute.

Hunters interested in hunting within the city limits can pick up a copy of the rules and regulations at the Mt. Pleasant Police Department or at Big Creek Outdoors, 1751 Oakland Mills Rd. Questions should be directed to the police department at 319-385-1450.

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