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Jefferson Street construction to begin Monday

Repairs to downtown streets predicted to take two months, weather dependent
Apr 05, 2018
Courtesy of: Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance The above map shows where parking will be available during construction downtown.

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Downtown construction is scheduled to begin next week on the northwest corner of N. Jefferson St. and Washington St.

The scheduled construction on Jefferson St. is predicted to last two months. Improvements are being made to update failing road infrastructure, which City Administrator Brent Schleisman said needs to be replaced every 30 to 40 years.

The driving force behind the construction is making downtown sidewalks complaint with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Schleisman said. Additionally, the surface of the road, which has been patched and repatched, needs to be replaced. Sewer and water lines also will be upgraded, which Schleisman said are of “yesteryear.”

“All indications from (feedback) we’ve received is everyone understands it’s time to do the downtown area,” Schleisman said of the businesses along Jefferson St. “We’re trying to approach it all positively.”

Construction is a many pronged approach, Schleisman said. The first objective is to get three blocks of sidewalk ripped out and poured back in place so people can get to and from businesses on a safe sidewalk.

Jones Contracting Corp. will be starting construction Monday, April 9, by removing seven feet of existing brick sidewalk on the northwest corner of N. Jefferson St. and Washington St. directly adjacent to the buildings first. They will then pour back the six feet of new sidewalk that is ADA compliant.

At that time, parking on the west side of Jefferson St. from Washington St. to Monroe St. will be closed off. Residents will be allowed to walk on the remaining sidewalk area left in or along the gutter of the street and enter businesses along Jefferson St. directly in their doorways.

Schleisman expects that the new sidewalk will be completed within a month. “Our objective is to get a block of sidewalk done each week and open that up so people can get to and from where they want to go,” he said.

From there, Jones Contracting will move into the block of Jefferson St. from Monroe St. to Madison St. on the west side first. They will continue the process to complete removal and pouring of sidewalks adjacent to the buildings first before switching to the east side of Jefferson St. between Monroe St. and Madison St. once the west side is completed.

On Monday, April 16, the city will be closing the west half of Jefferson St. from Washington St. north. Traffic will be one way northbound between Washington St. to Monroe St. Traffic will only be able to turn right onto Monroe St. along the north side of the square. N. Jefferson St. from Monroe St. to Madison St. also will be closed at this time.

That same week, Mt. Pleasant Municipal Utilities and Drish Construction will begin installing a new eight-inch water main in the northwest corner of Washington St. and Jefferson St. in the west lane of Jefferson St. They are anticipating this work to take three to four weeks. Kinney and Sons Excavating will be removing the surface in front of the water installation.

After Mt. Pleasant Utilities completes their water main replacement from Washington St. to the north side of Monroe St. intersection, Kinney and Sons will start grading and placing subbase rock.

Jones Contracting will follow Kinney and Sons and replace the west lane and parking area. After that concrete is poured, they will be pouring colored concrete between the back of the curb and the new ADA compliant sidewalk.

In the third week of construction, Kinney and Sons are planning on moving a crew down to S. Main St. to start concrete removal from north of Langdon St. back south to South St., taking the South St. and Main St. intersection out last. There are several sewer repairs and manhole replacements taking place in this phase of construction.

Once the grading and subbase rock is completed, Jones Contracting will start placing paving starting at the South St. intersection, paving north to get the South St. and Main St. intersection open as soon as possible, weather permitting.

The city will be doing construction on South Main St. in two to three block sections up to Washington St. They will be working with property owners to give them as much access to their driveways as possible, although there will be short intervals where the construction process will not allow access.

Construction crews will be monitoring vibrations of construction because of the historic buildings on N. Jefferson St., according to meeting minutes from the preconstruction meeting on Thursday, March 29. Vibrations will be monitored so as not to exceed the limit set by a structural engineer.

The city urges residents to be cautious and aware of the construction taking place.

“Downtown is open,” Schleisman said. “Just be patient. Go slow. Most of the streets are still going to be open, but parking will be a little awkward. Be conscious of construction equipment.”

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