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Jones attends UN conference

Dec 27, 2013


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Not many people in Henry County can say they have been to a United Nations convention, but Holly Jones of Mt. Pleasant has – several times.

In November, Jones went to Warsaw, Poland to attend and report on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Jones attended the conference as a writer for the international environmental newswire The Verb. She covered topics such as environmental education and finance mechanisms within the UNFCCC.

One of the parts of the experience Jones is most proud of is the ability to help educate others on what is going on in the world around them.

“I kind of joke that my friends are more of environmental experts than I am,” said Jones. “I have one friend who followed along with the negotiation taking place, he did research before this year’s conference, followed along the entire time and probably read more news pieces than I did and has since continued to follow it. It has become something that he recognizes is very important that he simply didn’t know about before.”

While The Verb is an international newswire, which allows for her news articles to be used in several different outlets, Jones credits the small size of the organization for giving her the ability to write more in-depth pieces about what happened at the conference.

“The Verb allowed us to take more time on the ground and really get as much information as we could about the topics we covered,” said Jones. “I was able to branch out this year and write stories ranging from satire pieces – trying to find some humor in what was going on at the conference – to longer opinion pieces and your standard news releases. It was really great to be able to take the time and write the news stories that the larger outlets didn’t really have time for.”

Jones first started attending the UNFCCC conferences in 2009 and continued to attend when her schedule allowed, utilizing social media to communicate what was happening at each conference.

“I spent a lot of time working on communicating what was going on via twitter and facebook, but I left feeling like I wasn’t sure exactly what – if anything – I had accomplished that year, that was when I was approached by a friend who I had met at one of the conferences and that was how I started writing for The Verb,” said Jones. “There is so much information in the world now with social media and the internet that sometimes it is hard to grasp it all. I feel like if I am able to help educate individuals then that is a really neat opportunity to make an impact. If I can help give individuals that knowledge or that curiosity about what is going on in the world then I will feel like I have done something.”


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