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“Just a farm girl from Iowa”

By MEGAN COOPER, Mt. Pleasant News | Sep 20, 2013
Photo by: Megan Cooper, MPN Lois Finke

Sitting among the other residents at New London Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a resident who has seen quite a lot in her 97 years. Lois Finke reminisces of her time as a teacher in Uruguay. She helped to teach kindergarten-age students.

“I did two five-year terms,” said Finke, as she talked about her time overseas. “It was different getting acquainted with other societies.” Finke has some trouble remembering all the finer details of her experience, but she does remember that she “had a great time.”

Finke, who said she was just “a farm girl from Iowa,” helped to teach the “well-to-do kids” in Uruguay. The biggest obstacle that Finke faced while teaching over there was the language she said. “It was hard to get past that barrier.”

As Finke tries to remember more about her experiences, she adds that she did go to Germany once and, of course, visited many side destinations while over there.

“In 1970 I went back for a visit, and they rolled out the red carpet for us when we arrived,” Finke remembers.

Even though Finke has lost some of those memories, she was willing to share what she could remember of her experience. She was grateful for the chance to speak about being in Uruguay and sharing what she could remember.

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