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Keeping it in the Miller family

Father replaces son on the Wayland City Council
Feb 22, 2013
Photo by: Trisha Phelps Sheldon Miller


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WAYLAND – Sheldon Miller last served on the Wayland City Council in 2002, and after an 11-year break, he is back and the fire department’s update took most of Wednesday night’s meeting.

Sheldon Miller replaces his son, Josh Miller, on the city council after Josh Miller moved out of town and was no longer able to serve on the council. Sheldon Miller was appointed to the council at the Jan. 16 meeting and took the oath of office on Jan. 25.

During the council meeting, Fire Chief Mat Leichty gave the council an update on the fire department’s activities since he became Fire Chief in July of 2012.

“Since last July, since I’ve been chief, we’ve made 20 fire calls and 52 rescue calls. We are operating with a full 25-man roster from last year,” said Leichty.

The fire department has also been updating some equipment, according to Leichty.

“We’ve purchased some new hard line suctions hoses. The old black line has been around since longer than most of the oldest firemen have been on board, so we decided to get a few,” said Leichty. “We had money from the storm donation last summer, almost $12,000, so we used a little bit of that to purchase them.”

Leichty also reported that the department was also looking into purchasing some lights for the departments uniforms to help the firefighters see better during fire calls.

“We’ll replace helmet lights as needed, and we’re also looking into getting 90-degree LED lights that will hook into your bunker coat,” said Leichty.

Another upgrade for the fire department includes different colored nylon fire hoses. “We got four sections of colored nylon hose. The reason we got those was so we could have a colored section on each truck. The reason we got those was so we could have a colored section on each truck,” said Leichty. “That way if anybody wants to shut one down you can just say ‘shut the red one down.’ Or ‘shut the yellow one down.’”

Not only is the department making sure to get all of the equipment up-to-date, but they are also making sure that the members of the fire department are as knowledgable as possible to better serve the community.

“We do have one of our members currently in the EMT classes. Keith Heltebran and I also went and got our certification to be training instructors so we can do our own in-house training, and we have begun to do fire plans for the area businesses,” said Leichty.

The council also:

• Set the date to receive bids for the water improvement project- 2012 for March 20 and authorized publication of the notice for said project.

• Approved Bev Conrad and Marsha Chalupa to attend the federal and state gas report training on March 5.

The next city council meeting will be March 6, at 7:30 p.m. at Wayland City Hall.

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