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By Steve Wilson | Mar 08, 2014

edited for repetition 3/17/2014 10:00 pm —  Consider that We have gone from ignoring the sexual abuse of our children by persons in positions of highest authority to embracing "gay marriage" all the while jumping over the glaring need for a much better understanding of the contributing factors to the confusion of sexual orientation and the traumatic cycles of abuse that all too often are at the root of it.

 I would argue that We must be sure that the vogue "it's ok to be gay" chants are not in effect an effort to cover up the life long trauma experienced by the child that has been sexually abused. We find comfort in lines like,  you were born that way - while  not giving due consideration to the fact that it may be because the priest or a family member sexually abused You. 

Or if you are a prostitute we want to say it is because You are weak, not because your "father" abused You. The Children are left to bear the burden of the sins of the father. Therefore legalizing "gay marriage" and prostitution may all too easily be a cover to protect the rich and the powerful from full accountability for their neglect and abuses while at the same time betraying the next child in line for exploitation.

I refuse to accept that homosexuality and prostitution do not demand us to search diligently for effective preventative treatments coupled with compassionate care and understanding and workable accommodations. Jesus cast out demons to cure the prostitute and spoke of castration as a cure for lust and while today we no longer want to talk about demons and castration still we must hear the painful cries of those who have been abused and accept our accountability and responsibility to minister to the suffering and the dis-eases of those who have been betrayed. 

 The video below must be the saddest story of this age. It is hard to watch. The tearful testimonies are hard to listen to, but watch and listen We must. And in our pain and disappointment we must celebrate that what was hidden is now exposed so the life threatening cancer can now be removed. We must empower our children, our soldiers, our whistle blowers and each other to speak truthfully and openly. We must be courageous enough to see and to speak the truth.


Now watch again, the movie, Brother Sun, Sister Moon - the early life of St. Francis.


"Trauma and Sexuality: The Effects of Childhood Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse on Sexual Identity and Behavior"

 By James Chu, Elizabeth S. Bowman

To clinicians:

“This pioneering book examines the effects of childhood trauma—including sexual abuse—on sexual orientation and behavior. It will help you expand your sensitivity and expertise in a critically important way: by providing a nonjudgmental look at the profound effects of long-standing early abuse on the sexual identities, orientation, behaviors, and fantasies of the people who come to you for help.”

“ Why have we neglected … looking  at the profound effects of long-standing early abuse on the sexual identities, orientation, behaviors, and fantasies?”

Perhaps the reason can be simply attributed to our Victorian legacy of reluctance to openly discuss sexuality. Or, perhaps the reason may be related to some of the expressions of sexuality that are sometimes seen in persons with childhood trauma. At times, expressions such as sexual addiction, homosexuality, sadomasochistic behavior, and prostitution have been classified as deviant. This may have contributed to our reluctance to discuss them openly. Or, perhaps the reason is that we collectively wish to deny the effects of abuse on one of the core aspects of ourselves to deny that early traumatic events forever change the sexual lives of persons in such an intimate and profound way.

See/Click on: "I Want to Know What Love Is." under RECENT POSTS to the right on this page.




"In written testimony to the European Union (EU), Edward Snowden explained in patient, well-written, detailed prose exactly why what the NSA is doing is so dangerous. Snowden reveals himself an articulate writer, and through that moves from mere whistleblower into an almost philosophical role. His testimony deserves your full read, so you should best stop right here and just go read it.

For those who prefer some highlights, with commentary, please follow me deeper down the rabbit hole.

Snowden says:

See :


Pardon my passion but... it is spring after all.  Transparency in government and functional respect for the civil liberties of the People is the life blood of democracy. However, this is counter intuitive to children who have been trained to be seen but not to see, to listen but not to hear. Voting in the dark for patronizing, unaccountable and deceptive leadership threatens to destroy America. What we are getting now from Washington to treat the fears they fan and the unnecessary wars they start and the enemies they create amounts to infusions of embalming fluid administered along with the assurance that the death of a functional democratic republic will make us all safer.


S1752 Military Justice Improvement Act vote

Looking to end the epidemic of sexual assault in the military, a bipartisan coalition of 55 Senators has come together to reverse the systemic fear that victims of military sexual assault have described in deciding whether or not to report the crimes committed against them due to the clear bias and inherent conflicts of interest posed by the military chain of command’s current sole decision-making power over whether cases move forward to a trial.


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's Military Justice Improvement Act failed to overcome a filibuster Thursday afternoon in a 55 to 45 vote. That is, of course, 55 votes in favor, 45 votes against, leaving the bill five votes short of the required supermajority. As expected, the vote shook up usual partisan lines, with 10 Republicans supporting the bill and 10 Democrats opposing it.


Both of Iowa’s Senators voted for the Military Justice Improvement Act as did Rand Paul.  A special thanks to Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin.

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