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By Steve Wilson | Feb 07, 2017
DesMoines —

Republican leaders have scheduled debate for TONIGHT at about 5 pm on their reckless plan to close schools, increase class sizes, layoff teac...hers, and even raise your property taxes.
Just a few hours ago, House Republican lawmakers shut down a public hearing and turned away over 100 Iowans who signed up to speak against their bill. That's because they don't want to hear from Iowans like you.
Can you take do two things tonight while the House is debating?
1. Sign this petition and lend your voice to stop Republicans from closing schools and firing teachers
2. Call Republican Leader Chris Hagenow at 515-281-8204 and tell him to STOP debate on HF 136 because Iowa kids deserve better
3. You can watch debate live in the Iowa House here

Here’s what you need to know about the bill:
• The tiny school funding increase proposed by Republicans this year is the third lowest since 1973
• A survey of Iowa superintendents found that any funding increase at 2% or below (like Republicans are proposing) would force schools to: raise class size (71%); layoff teachers (61%); delay textbook purchases (65%); and reduce class offerings for kids (58%).
• Continuing to shortchange public schools will lead to school closures, especially in rural areas
• Republicans are now spending over $500 million annually in new corporate tax giveaways while their funding propsal for half a million public school kids is less than 1/10th of that
• While shortchanging public schools, Republicans are crafting a voucher bill to shift hundreds of millions in our tax dollars from public schools to homeschools and private schools instead

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