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By Steve Wilson | Jan 21, 2013

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The Mayor of Mt. Union will be on the agenda tomorrow. The agenda has been posted in the courthouse but due to some difficulty it was not posted early today on the county web page.

The story of Mt. Union and RUSS is the story of the county failing to understand it is on the RUSS board to support Mt. Union. I hope this tangled story can be straightened out to the benefit of the people of Mt. Union.


Let it be that the bearing of arms shall be well regulated to assure the security of the free state and the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of its People.  


"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state..."  The bearing of arms by the people shall be well regulated by the states to effect the security of the freedom of each of the united states of America as provided by the constitution. Let every state have in place, so as to assure its security, a well-regulated militia with the command and the regulation thereof being held at the state level.

"State Guards" should be under no direct obligation to supply the federal government with troops for foreign wars or internal conflicts. The State must regulate the arms of the militia in a manner deemed sufficient by that state to protect that State and the People there of to the satisfaction of that state.

Are we setting the stage for a civil war here? The question must give us pause. For currently we have indeed set that stage for a domestic one.



Last fall when I left the Henry County Supervisor candidates forum that was held at Iowa Wesleyan College I left with the distinct impression that Gary See  (as well as all the other supervisor candidates) was holding to his prior to the election vote to grant the Friends Church a property tax abatement of specific taxes as provided by law. Had Gary reversed his position at that time he would have been odd man out, but he didn't.

Today Supervisor Greg Moeller impressed me by standing alone and voting for the abatement just like he said he was inclined to do during his campaign. That stand alone kind of courage and integrity from a freshman is refreshing. Things may be looking up for Henry County. Thanks Greg.

This morning Gary See failed to impress with his post election vote, reversing his pre-election position. Here's the rub,  it is now too late for voters to return the favor. The motion to rescind the decision to not abate the property taxes in question as provided by Iowa law failed, 2 to 1.  

Earlier, Mr. Kent White, who also voted against the abatement last year,  made an appearance this morning, just stopping by to say hello.

No matter how you feel about the tax abatement question, You have to hand it to Gary, that was some fancy foot work.

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