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By Steve Wilson | Aug 29, 2012

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9/25/2012 NO PLACE TO HIDE

The legislators are the ones who have really dropped the ball. We the people of Iowa must demand the opportunity to define Marriage. The courts have determined the way to do that must take on the form of a Constitutional Amendment. So be it.

Such an effort must be expected to take several years so that when it is done it has contained within it a sober and comprehensive assessment of the hows and whys and the social implications of all related issues.  It may or may not be necessary to create garriage right along with marriage.

It must be put before the people and we all need to come out of the closet and discuss the total scope of the issues to contain appreciation for the contagious nature of sexual orientation.

I hold to the position that where homosexuality is a choice, it is a poor one. And where homosexuality is not a choice it is a tragic circumstance deserving  compassion.

I am told that an old Iranian proverb goes like this. "If You see a blind man in the street, kick him. Why should You treat him better than God did?" Why?  Because that is the crux of our work. It is not ours to limp before the lame and deem it kindness but it is ours to minister and to assist every person in the context of their limitations to have life more abundantly.


9/24/2012 NO WIGGINS

The "No Wiggins" bus tour stopped briefly in Burlington and Joy and I stopped by to listen. The problem as I see it is that no matter if Wiggins is retained or ousted it will not change the legality of homosexual marriage in Iowa.

I will vote "No Wiggins" but I consider it to be much ado about nothing. Either the state needs to get completely out of the marriage business or a definition of marriage needs to become part of a Constitutional ammendment that clearly defines what marriage is and isn't. 

Can homosexual brothers marry? If so, then why not brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters and so on and on.... And how many people can be a party to a marriage contract? History offers precious little help.

How many wives did King David have? God spoke to David saying "‘I anointed you king over Israel, and I delivered you from the hand of Saul. 8 I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms. I gave you all Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more. Why did you despise the word of the Lord by doing what is evil in his eyes? You struck down Uriah the Hittite with the sword and took his wife to be your own."

We need to start from scratch and there are a whole host of associated issues that need to be considered that I am not hearing being discussed.

As for Joy and I and our personal definition of Marriage, it is just that and no matter what others decide, Joy and I will be the ones determining what that is. That is as good as we need it to be and maybe that is as good as it gets.



I would recommend that those tempted to vote early should keep a close eye on what is coming out of Libya. The Green Resistance, a group of Gadaffi loyalists, have both the capacity and the motive for the attack on Chris Stevens as Stevens was a point man in the US/NATO operation in Libya.

Early reports indicate that stories of a spontaneous demonstation turning violent are a ruse. A well armed and carefully planned attack was observed on the ground and reported early on. Then it appears a cover story came out.

The Green Resistance seeks African unity and financial independence from Western banking and Oil interests. Obama, like Bush before him in Iraq, would like us to believe we were part of an effort to liberate Libya but there are those in Libya who see imperialistic motives at work. 

The link below adds another perspective to what we get in the US press.



9/6/2012 (Scroll down for the circus) 

When I campaigned for supervisor I would meet people at the door who would tell me they had already voted. I 'd say, Ok, but now You can learn what You voted for. After I told them what was important to me, a time or two the voter would confess that if I had gotten there before they voted, they would have voted for me. Not nearly enough to make a difference in the election results but enough to make me think about early voting. 

First, early voting for folks who are going to be out of town or cannot make it to the polls is a great idea. 

Second, early voting appeals to unthinking people who will vote a straight ticket every time no matter who is running and what they think.

Third, early voting is a good way to stop the annoying phone calls asking You to get out and vote early.  

Since getting out the vote appears more important to the parties than educating the voters and since stopping those darn phone calls may be more important than knowing what the issues are, I am thinking we have failed to market voting.

When the Conservation Board wants a bunch of people to show up at the park they get a band and serve alcohol. People enjoy getting a bit woozy with friends and listening to music. When DU wants to raise money they have a supper, serve alcohol and then get the hunters to bid on paintings.

Jimmy Carter once said that the number of people attending a given church in Plains Georgia had more to do with how good the pot luck suppers where than with questions of theology.

The Circus

Imagine a polling place where after You voted You recieved a sticker that would let You in to an adjacent area (sufficiently removed to meet the legal requirements) where You would get one free beer and one free piece of pizza and the opportunity to buy more, and there would be a band there to listen to and a volley ball game to watch and a markmanship contest and...  and.... along with day care for the kids.

Ok, I am a bit worried about guns and beer and kids in the same place at the same time so maybe have the markmanship contest in the afternoon just before breaking out the beer. A performance of the High School band would be good, playing patriotic songs and all. If nude or nearly nude dancers were there in a big tent or something, well, why not. We need real people to vote and what ever it takes to get them out, well that must be what We need. I can still remember the Margie The Wham, Wham Girl tent at the Henry County Fair when I was a kid in second grade. I did not even peek under the tent (at least not during a show or during the best part of it any way) and still I remember.

I remember voting for some candidates that I wish I could forget but... it is a bigger mistake to not vote and thus to get in the habit of avoiding a sense of personal responsibility for the mess.

Did You know voting is compulsory in some countries?

Any way, You get the point.

Now as to marketing what the candiates stand for:

There needs to be a contest where if You match the issues and the candidates correctly on a form that You sign and turn in at the circus- then a drawing will be held and the winner will recieve $100 in Power Ball Lottery tickets and $100 in cash, (You must be there to win and be able to do it again to take home the prize).

Just brain storming of course but thinking....  about what matters and why and how to make democracy fly.


 9/1/2012 Keeping Watch on our Values

     Sept. 10, 2012 Time Magazine Page 11

A survivor of the Breivik massacre, in response to the maximum Norway prison sentence of 21 years that was handed down to Breivik on August 24th is quoted making this appraisal of the sentence. “That’s staying true to our principles and the best evidence that he (Breivik) hasn’t changed society.” (Emphasis added)

First consider how expensive this has been for Norway.  Then consider the price We are paying for compromising America’s values.  

     3/20/2003 Invasion of Iraq

We allowed self- serving leadership to whip Us up into a fearful frenzy in response to 9/11 and then to send the bravest and the best to war under false pretenses. Not only has this undermined the image of the US abroad but it too has put additional stresses on those who are called to serve, contributing, very possibly, to the high rate of suicide among our troops.  It has also added urgency to the need for other nations to arm themselves sufficiently to ward off such an arbitrary attack which increases the threat of nuclear proliferation.  How will we quantify that cost?

     3/20/2011 Libya

Under the false pretense of merely creating a no fly zone strictly for humanitarian reasons to protect innocents against indiscriminate retaliation by the government of Libya, which was responding to a spontaneous indigenous  insurrection, military aggression against the government of Libya was undertaken by the US and NATO.  Later CIA involvement in encouraging the rebellion became well known.  The overthrow of the government of Libya and the assignation of its leader and the energy security of NATO was the end result.  Libya remains in a state of violent confusion. This too has added urgency to the need for other nations to arm themselves sufficiently to ward off such an arbitrary attack which increases the threat of nuclear proliferation. Again, how will we quantify that cost?

      5/2/2011 Summary Execution of an unarmed man by the US Government.

 In an apparent violation of another nation’s sovereignty*, an unarmed man, was apprehended, denied due process of law, and, according to the testimony of his young daughter summarily executed by US Navy Seals before his family.  We are left to presume this was to impress upon the family a mandate to remain silent.  The family has now been deported to Saudi Arabia who assures the world no one will be allowed to disturb (question them or monitor their safety or their wishes) them in any way.

*Considering questions of international law, I base the violation of the nation’s sovereignty on the Christian principle of reciprocity.

Our acting President, the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize, continues to express satisfaction over his defining role in the above incident.  While efforts to create confusion abound these points remain uncontested; the victim was unarmed and he was killed while constituting no imminent threat to his assassins. A new book with a new version of the events only adds more confusion which is commonly used as the best cover.   

My concern is that We dare not allow such actions and sentiment by those We have entrusted to best represent America to be seen by our enemies as a victory in the destruction of the values of America.

Therefore, we must take full responsibility for having compromised those values and for the restoration of them.  Considering the strength of this mighty nation, it was not the strength of the threats but our faltering faith in the fundamental values by way of which America is indeed great, that We became afraid and in our fear failed to trust the diligent and open application of those values which alone could have given Us the victory we needed, a victory which now may long elude Us.

Only through a heartfelt reaffirmation and total dedication to those values, actualized in our behavior at home and abroad, will We succeed in regaining an inspirational role in the community of nations and generating the humble pride necessary to work well with Others at all levels. 


Steve Wilson



I got another call from the NRA seeking to give me a bargain on a five year membership. I told the nice lady (and it is always a nice lady) that I really appreciated the work the NRA does protecting the 2nd Ammendment rights of Americans. I told her that I appreciate their concern for the safety of our families. I forgot to mention that I recently posted support for the slogan - guns don't kill people, people do.   

And then I added that the NRA opposition to additional limits on the use of lead in ammunition in Iowa is not in the best interest of the health and safety of Iowans and their environment and that it calls the NRA's stated concern for the safety and welfare of our families into question.

 I explained to her that non-toxic ammunition is ever bit as effective defending my home as is lead. I added that the NRA needs to keep focused on the health and welfare of our families and the environment and quit being so paranoid about regulations that do in fact seek to protect the people and their environment.  

The other day, when I took my Grandsons fishing we stopped along the way to pick up some tackle and sure enough, lead free sinkers where available right here in river city. It felt powerfully good to see there are people who are willing, on their own, to take the initiative and change their habits to make a difference. No special signs or anything like that, just an opportunity to make a good choice.

I have encouraged the Henry County Conservation Board to do more to encourage the use of lead free sinkers and ammuntion in the parks. I also encouraged Dave Heaton to oppose lead shot and the dove season from his seat in Des Moines. While I am waiting to see any positive action on those fronts it is great to see there are folks who are getting the lead out, needing no encouragement from me, the Conservation Board, Dave Heaton or the NRA to do so. Dare I dream that lead shot will also go away in a similar fashion? I hope so. 

Maybe all peope need is good information and the opportuntiy to make good choices and lead shot will just go away. And maybe too we will see the day when shooting weed seed eating doves for fun will not be fun any more.

The nice lady said she was surprised to hear the NRA was opposed to phasing out lead shot in Iowa. (Really? Talk about surprises!) She then went on to assure me they would continue to keep me posted on their activities (seems I get an email a day from them)  and I assured her I will be KEEPING WATCH.



IF ABORTION IS MURDER...then sexual intercourse between fertile couples without intent to conceive must be a crime.

The first time I said it, I thought, what foolishness. But then the more I thought about it, I thought, ok, we need a long term reach out goal of distancing conception from enchantment and romance and conquest and seduction and bluster. In fact the most intense orgasmic pleasure may need to be relocated. Or perhaps We need to be seasonally sexual, like twice in a life time, and apart from that, reproduction needs to be safely and totally cordoned off.

Conception needs to be sober, thoughtful, deliberate and direct. Nature has thrown conception in with impulse to assure reproductive success of such excess as to fuel famine and war. It is up to us to tame that beast.

Still my heart is not in it. I need to think of something better than classical sex.

I remember the movie about the alien from K-Pax who described conception on his home planet as a very painful and smelly process. There, the motive was careful deliberation. Too extreme to be sure, but thought provoking anyway.

If conceptions took place in a laboratory under the control of sober technicians requiring careful attention to detail and void of any whompa then mis-conceptions might be very rare. (nah)

I guess I like the idea best of some kind of reversible sterilization for both sexes that is 100% effective on both counts - sterilization and reversibility. Those so fixed would be very unlikely to ever need an abortion.

Ok, there You have it. At this point, that would be the favored direction - but I am cheating of course as Joy and I are both fixed already. So, in the interim I will leave it to Others to chart their own course while honestly thinking it is time to seriously address the problem of mis-conceptions with the goal of 100% effective and 100% reversible sterilization for both sexes being the first step.

This appeals to me much more than driving abortions underground.

As for something better than classical sex (adjusted for excessive fertility), something perhaps very different and much better, well, such musing is best left to the old folks who can sneak-a- peak behind the veil of death and consider what indeed might be just a bit more heavenly.

Note: Mis-conception in this context is an unwanted conception in response to which the pregnant woman does not celebrate the occurance but seriously considers terminating it.

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